OpenKeychain is open source software for Android that enables interoperable OpenPGP encryption for various e-mail apps and helps manage and find OpenPGP keys - See

@danie10 use that keychain app with K9 mail app both work flawlessly side by side

also keychain is handy for storing all your keys for on the go things when out and about

@danie10 👍👍

conversations app for my XMPP accounts I use it for mostly over the email app since I started using protonmmail

but still use K9 now and then

deffo is handy even just to store keys imo

I've been wanting to use pgp but the problem of making everything work when using 2 PCs (home + work) and a smartphone has been blocking me so far... would you have references on how to do this properly? Or regarding why doing this the dirty way (e.g. copying config on the hardwares) would be OK if it is?

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