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@danie10 It is decentralised but you have to trust them as they won't share the code. Usual blah about "so much work" etc. It's a clear no from me.


"Why Utopia is not open source?"

"A lot of time, effort and resources went into this product, and we do not want to share all of our know-how as it will result in forks which in turn may result in instability of our main network. Fork will lead to the division of the community, while our intention is the unification of the community of like-minded individuals. The bottom line here is that a lot of software is closed source, and this does not hurt them a bit."

@Blort @danie10 Oh look, a "secure" and "private" "all-your-data-here" peer-2-peer with a pinch of blockchain closed source application.
I'll pass..

@fabrixxm @danie10

Oh, and just to add to that delicious honeypot flavor, the entire dev team have decided to remain completely anonymous, too.

I guess revealing their identities would allow others to leech off their hard work and intellectual property...

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