Seeing WhatsApp is forcing users to accept sharing their data to Facebook who else will not be accepting those conditions and rather have their account deleted?

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Why? Why should I switch to Signal or Session being a happy Matrix user?


@lig @danie10 Signal is more like whatsapp which is why I suggested it. But I also like Matrix :)

So, it's bad that's why you're suggesting it. Ok...

@geotechland @lig @danie10 If only bridges were a bit more often used for matrix. Still looking forward to the day I can just install one matrix client, and use it with every available instant messaging platform :)


I refused to use Whatsapp before this but I certainly wouldn't use it now.

WhatsApp was that nice, paid but affordable messaging until the F in the GAFAM happened. I want to avoid everything Facebook.

I still have some time to force my family to use Signal or until I setup a Matrix server for my family.
Will I accept? Well, there isn't seem to be a big concern in WhatsApp's privacy policy other than Facebook can merge WhatsApp and all of its data to itself at any time.

I am not sure right now but I'm less likely to accept.

I mentioned on family WhatsApp group that I will leave WhatsApp when it forces new Privacy Policy and my uncle in US backed me.
I shared my Signal number. I am ready to even deploy a Matrix server with Jitsi for video calls just for the family. So no, I won't accept.

@danie10 I don't use WhatsApp, but if I did I would most assuredly delete my account

@danie10 i don't want to, in my private phone i dont use it.

That said on my work phone, I have to come to accept, my colleagues and boss refuse to use another app, no reason how much I try to convince them not to use it.

@PMFL @danie10 I've read of someone convincing their boss to switch to signal by pointing out, that WhatsApp isn't supposed to be used for businesses (as that's what WhatsApp business is for) and they could in theory get sued. seems to have worked for that person but I didn't find any information backing up that claim

@lowdude @danie10
I tried to do the same, but my boss has bosses and a big corporation is proactively impossible. On facebook when I left I tried to get my 300 personal friends out of it with valid arguments. Only one came with me. :(

I think people for the convenience of not wasting time, of having friends and family there who would have to convince, don't even want to know. What deep down is sad even though you know what Facebook apps do.

@PMFL @danie10 that's disappointing. but yea, people don't like change and especially with messaging services or social networks you'd want to be on the same platform as your friends, which makes it really difficult to move away from the status quo

@danie10 I quit WhatsApp the second Facebook acquired it.

Signal and decentralized alternatives FTW!

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