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This is so cool. I wanted to try one ebook on my #Mobian #Pinephone so I went to install gnome-books.

...It wants to install the whole LibreOffice suite! 😱

that's gnome-books going "you're a book lover? tell me the names of all the books you wrote!"

I ended up installing Foliate from Flathub. Very nice app. Thanks for the link!

command line based possible solution 

@danie10 @normandcugh. libre-#$$@#$-office.

I've looked into it and it's because the package has a Recommends on unoconv (converter between LibreOffice document formats), which in turn Recommends the whole suite.

I've found that apt install --no-install-recommends gnome-books brings down the dependency list to a much more reasonable size. (of course, some features of gnome-books will be missed, notably all those that relate to dealing with office formats).

Disclaimer: I had to work with uno (accessing libreoffice from python programs) and I got traumatized by the experience :)

@danie10 You've just reminded me that there's a pending MR to get OPDS support in KNewStuff, and... yeah, feels like it needs to happen sooner rather than later, i want this in Peruse ;)

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