As prophetic as George Orwell... can't say humankind has not foreseen what was coming...

@danie10 imho not accurate. Maybe can see political discourse as entertainment, but if you look at it's content, or that the system in the US depends on there being "two sides", if one disappeared the system would have to find a different way to fool people.

One might also wonder where Qanon or capitalist-convenient ideology of libertarianism, or "the culture war" fits in.

It's not simple consumption, it's about peoples self image, peoples lack of own imagination, which is filled in for that.

@danie10 obviously the above is not a perfect description by far.. I don't know exactly how to describe it..

@danie10 @jasper but does anyone really enjoy USian political system? From afar it looks like the US is split into groups who hate each other, constantly upset that their opponent group exists.
It may be a prison, but is it an enjoable one?

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