João Pinheiro wrote the following post Sat, 27 Feb 2021 17:49:43 +0100

Two questions regarding Hubzilla

Dear Hubzilla friends,

I've started my voyage on the Fediverse onboard of Hubzilla very recently. I came onboard at the beginning of February. So, I'd like to ask you two questions in order that you can help me (and other friends) better understand the way it can allow us to navigate the Fediverse.

[]Which is/are Hubzilla's characteristics that you value the most?
[]Which are its downsides (if any)?

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Take care and stay safe!

#Hubzilla #question #Fediverse
@Danie van der Merwe ✅ yes I also find it impressive how willing to co-operate with other networks Hubzilla is; there really are so many positives here.
@Danie van der Merwe ✅ thank you for such an informative video covering basics and a bit more. I wasn't asleep at the end but I did take a break in the middle :) I'll probably refer back to it, particularly to be reminded of what functions there are as an admin. It's really handy that it's broken up into chapters.

@indigo thanks for the feedback. Yes I try to rather put all the info in with chapters, instead of doing something too superficial. LOL can imagine me putting in an Interval gap in the middle in future ;-)

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