59% voted to keep #abortion legal in conservative #Kansas. That's quite a gap to rig. Americans often vote more progressive on issues than you'd expect. Voting for candidates gets more bogged down in tribal sympathies and the personal attacks that TV and social media do so well.


they generally are pro death penalty. it's usually about religion and looking at the situation from the point of view of the fetus. just as you can't murder innocent people, you shouldn't murder a fetus. but once you do something worthy of the death penalty, we can kill you. it's not a view I hold but I try to understand it. the idea that these same people think the government can't do anything right makes me wonder why they trust the government to decide guilt, but IDK.


@wjmaggos yes the odd thing also being if it is a Christian religion, that "Let God Be the Judge" and "Turn the Other Cheek" etc are also religious approaches. Too often we've seen innocent people executed. Conditional pro-life is an interesting, but slipper slope as to who judges...

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