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Danie van der Merwe ✅ @danie10

is pushing Office 2016 users towards Office 365 - OneDrive and Skype for Business end by 2020

Problem with the cloud subscription model (IMO) is that you can be switched off, and you own less than a perpetual purchase ie. when you end your subscription you have no software to read your saved information. Of course if you save it using the international format you can still use free to read it but how many corporates plan for this.

See bit.ly/2oAZ0CE

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@danie10 pretty sure libre suite reads .docs file also. I have had lots of people sending me files created using win and never had any issues using libreoffice. Plus the best part its free and opensource 😁

@danie10 I doubt many people who use non-365 Office use Skype for Business or OneDrive for Business to begin with.

But yeah, I'll never go with subscription software like this. If they ever stop offering it outright, I'll stop using it.