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I have a perverse desire to own every game with "Simulator" in the title, *except* the really well known ones.

Shoutout to the colleague who wrote some date handling code that fails tests if you run the tests between midnight and 1am BST on a day in March, April, May, June, August or September.

I bought Minesweeper Genius for PS4 on a whim for £1.69 and it's actually a really good puzzle game.

Almost no resemblance to Minesweeper, despite the name. It's more of a grid traversal puzzle game mashed up with nonograms.

mh lol 

So, I was two LTS releases behind. That last message was from Ubuntu 14.04.

Ubuntu 16.04 says "You have to download a total of 725 M. This download should take
about 1 minute with your connection."

Spoiling my fun.

“You have to download a total of 546 M. This download will take about
1 hour 9 minutes with a 1Mbit DSL connection and about 21 hours with
a 56k modem.”


so about 16.2 seconds on my connection

It is almost at 1,000. :o

Anyone not cisgender is invited to take part in this #survey, and we particularly appreciate:

- Trans men
- Trans women
- People who’ve been out longer than 10 years
- People over the age of 30


"british bake-off" is the opposite of "canadian bacon"

Probably should also recap the mainboard because those caps are so ancient they’re barely recognisable to me as capacitors.

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