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We all like to rag on computer programmers and how terrible they are but mathematicians are WORSE.
Mathematicians: A monad is a monoid in the category of endofunctors.
Programmers: concatMap is when you map each element of a collection to another collection, and then concatenate the collections.

Starting production and in my new project room, even though the room's not fully finished. At least this side of it is. Love the feeling up here, it feels like back in the day already. 🙂❤️

Does anyone know of any organisations who would welcome the donation of some very plus size clothing? I'd particularly like it if they help the trans community.

OR if you're a UK size 24-28 and want some free clothes hit me up (UK only because shipping is a nightmare now lol Brexit) 💖

Self care tip: take some time to enjoy the schadenfreude of the NFT market collapsing

You know I bet if you went back a few hundred years to like pre-Industrial-Revolution Europe you'd find tons of autistic people in all the various villages and towns but instead of being marginalized they would just be doing what they wanted to do. Some little hamlet in Germany is like "Yeah, our blacksmith mostly keeps to himself but you should see the iron he produces" and stuff. "The shepherd will definitely tell you a little too much about his flock but we don't mind because his sheep are so well-cared-for."

Had to do a bit of an update for "progressive"/"radical" block-heads linking to my work... what do you think?

Abortion (Informational Comic) 

I thought this comic by Lux Alptraum and Erika Moen was really informative and well argued. I definitely learned things about the state of self-managed abortions in 2022:

I didn't ask to be born so it feels kind of wrong that I have to pay the cost

If you hate Windows, simply switch to Linux so you can hate Linux instead

it probably doesn't work due to privacy issues around federating private photo albums, akin to how Mastodon DMs aren't private.

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Like, a self-hostable federated webapp that is primarily focused on managing your own photos but also you can share albums with fedichums who can then add their own photos and comment on photos

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Google Photos but on the fediverse... is that a thing that makes sense? I kind of want it.

So I just rediscovered the track "Sundown" by The Overlords in my music collection and it sounds... quite a lot like one of the tracks from Desert Dream by Kefrens. Such that the musician must have been inspired by Sundown.

I must have known this at one point because why else would this track be in my music collection. It's been there since at least 2009. But I have no recollection of it.

Brains are weird.

badsite, capitalism 

musk is Gen X Trump. he made his money differently, he cares way way more about being seen as "cool", but it's the same dunning-krugeriffic, born-on-third-thinks-he-hit-a-triple, invincibly arrogant, insistent that no rules apply to him, monstrous politics, incompetent kleptocratic leadership, cult of personality with constant media circus spraying kerosene. the true power structure of our world unmasked. let's destroy it together

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Man celebrates as 58% of French people prefer him to actual Nazi

Unbelievable how much cheaper it is for two adults to drive from London to Glasgow than get the train.

It's probably faster too!

This is a stupid country.

unless they're about to be dangling off a lamp post, the answer to this question is always "not enough"

do you ever think about how the percent symbol looks like zero divided by zero

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