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Nobody is prepared to admit that The Fame Monster by Lady Gaga is EBM

ukpol news clipping joke 

Well if it stinks I suppose they had better refurbish it, or at least tidy the place up a bit


What we asked for: Meaningful rights for tenants.
What we got: A visit from an electrician every five years to cause government-mandated inconvenience.

Please reply to this post telling me what country you're in and what order the colour coded buttons are in on your TV/DVD/BD remote control (if there are any, modern remotes have mostly dropped them now). πŸ”
In the UK it's always Red Green Yellow Blue

also "me either" was invented by Joss Whedon and he is a bad man

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I quite like Americanisms when they make more sense than the equivalent Britishism, such as sensible spelling, but "me either" is just bad and wrong and people who say it should be stopped.

I have a voucher for a free vehicle MOT at a Halfords auto centre to be redeemed before the end of May. It’s of no use to myself or anyone else that I know and it would be a shame to waste it.

The first person to send me a DIRECT/PRIVATE reply will get the voucher and I’ll update this thread publicly to confirm it’s been taken.


When enchanting a magical lock, take care to ensure that the lock doesn't start to glow after a partially spoken passphrase as this can be used as an attack vector to narrow down the magic words.


FSF stands for For Suck's Fake

I have to think that NFT Art was intentionally created to be a parody of the fine art market, and like all parodies a significant minority of people and all journalists don't understand that it's a parody and treat it seriously.

That is each time you play you unlock somewhat randomized new weapons and stat upgrades, which you carry forward to all future games, and as you upgrade your character you it becomes feasible to replay old missions at higher difficulty settings.

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I've just realised that a lot of modern mission-based online multiplayer games have the exact same metagame structure as Earth Defence Force has had since the very beginning, long before it was playable online.

@RobF Have you played The Deadly Tower of Monsters? It might appeal to you with its schtick of pretending to be a terrible movie with silly stop motion monsters. Then again you might hate it. But it made me think of you. It was on PS Plus at some point.

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