why is overscan still a thing on modern TVs

the amount of image-fuckups TVs do on their default settings is astonishing

you have one job, and that is to display a new digital image 60 (or 30 or whatever the source is) times a second

don't "enhance contrast"
don't make "vibrant colors"
don't do "noise reduction"
don't crop it
don't make "motion more fluid"

fuck off

it's not even trivial how to turn this shit off

if the "contrast" option goes from 0 to 100, what do you think the setting is for "don't do unsharp mask, but don't do a blur and contrast flattening either" ??? because, surprise, it's not 50

dear TV manufacturers, please provide a hardware switch labeled "force all the digital image enhancements off" which turns the display into a monitor


@uint8_t ironically the easiest way to avoid this crap is to buy the cheapest no-name brand tv you can find.

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