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Daniel Clarkson Fisher @danielclarksonfisher@mastodon.social

I made a short documentary about the closing of Suspect Video's flagship genre store here in . You can watch it online now -- just in time for ! vimeo.com/198149081

Following the events in , VA, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema announced a curated series of classic narrative that "reflect on bigotry and intolerance." In my latest , I suggest ten works of to complement their picks. vimeo.com/233125510

To learn more about digital rights and how you can make a difference, find allies in your area (or raise a new flag) eff.org/electronic-frontier-al source: twitter.com/eff/status/9067025

What's left to say about Christopher Nolan's DUNKIRK? I tried to put my finger on it for Culture Matters: culturematters.org.uk/index.ph

My new video essay looks at filmmaker Thom Andersen's pick for "the most remarkable documentary of the ['00s]." vimeo.com/229580619

If you're interested, I wrote about John Carpenter's out-and-out masterpiece THE THING on the occasion of its thirty-fifth anniversary. (Thanks, Diabolique!) diaboliquemagazine.com/just-wa

I'm finishing Naomi Klein's latest on . It's extremely important and so helpful in these dark times. I hope you'll read it. mastodon.social/media/Jmk7P8Oe