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Daniel Clarkson Fisher @danielclarksonfisher@mastodon.social

I wrote a thing about "Third Cinema" in the U.S. for the venerable New Politics magazine. If you're actively thinking about film as a form of cultural resistance, you might just be interested in this. newpol.org/content/inescapable

My latest video essay considers the role Hollywood has played in marketing the Trump brand. vimeo.com/255505477

My latest looks at visual strategies that have been used to document the great Noam Chomsky -- a frequent participant in / subject of . vimeo.com/253377433

Five years ago today. As a lifelong lover of libraries, being asked to do this for the LAPL has so far been the highlight of my professional life. And I couldn't have been chatting with two more wonderful guys: the great Jeff Bridges and the great Bernie Glassman. vimeo.com/album/3834645/video/

RT @libraryfreedom: four more weeks left to submit your application to Library Freedom Institute! we can’t wait to read yours! t.co… source: twitter.com/torproject/status/

I contributed to Nonfics' year-end poll, which is now live. Among my own favorites were KARL MARX CITY, THE WORK, and STARLESS DREAMS. The 2017 docs you've heard about are terrific, but it's the less ballyhooed titles that really stayed with me this year. nonfics.com/best-documentaries

I'm honored and delighted to have participated in SIGHT & SOUND's "Best Video Essays of 2017" poll. Check out my ballot and all the others right here: bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/sight-

My new video essay looks at an important criticism of Raoul Peck's widely praised I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO. vimeo.com/247432370

I put in a guest appearance on The Docs Factor Podcast this week to discuss one of my favorites: Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott's THE CORPORATION (2003). I had a blast talking to Chris and Neil, and hope you'll listen. docsfactor.podbean.com/e/episo

Though it doesn't celebrate the big 3-0 until next year, John Carpenter's THEY LIVE celebrates the twenty-ninth anniversary of its release this week. In honor of this occasion, I'm resharing the video essay that I made about it earlier this year: vimeo.com/209768155

On October 16th, 2017, over 12,000 full-time and part-time faculty from 's twenty-four public colleges went on strike, affecting over half-a-million students in the province. My new documentary short records images of OPSEU Local 556's picket lines and November 2nd's at Queens Park, as well as the voices of striking faculty.


Lost without ? Etherpad is a simple collaborative editor:
pad.riseup.net public.etherpad-mozilla.org pad.sfconservancy.org

good for group notes. Name of each pad is *security by obscurity*, so don't type anything confidential (usernames, passwords, PII, etc.)

Lucky me -- I got to interview Laura Dunn about her beautiful new film LOOK & SEE: A PORTRAIT OF WENDELL BERRY for Nonfics. nonfics.com/laura-dunn-intervi

I made a short documentary about the indigenous vigil that has been going on around-the-clock for nearly 100 days at Ground Zero INAC Toronto. I hope you'll watch it. vimeo.com/238340190

I made a short documentary about the closing of Suspect Video's flagship genre store here in . You can watch it online now -- just in time for ! vimeo.com/198149081

Following the events in , VA, the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema announced a curated series of classic narrative that "reflect on bigotry and intolerance." In my latest , I suggest ten works of to complement their picks. vimeo.com/233125510

To learn more about digital rights and how you can make a difference, find allies in your area (or raise a new flag) eff.org/electronic-frontier-al source: twitter.com/eff/status/9067025