John McAfee has died in a Spanish prison only hours after extradition to the US was approved.

@mike He was a bit eccentric but they didn't have to murder him for it. Perhaps something he said hit a nerve after all?

@danielfgom @mike So the assumption is that is more likely that the US government killed him on foreign soil when they finally got their hands on him instead of him, not being the most rational guy, killing himself because he just realized that he was gonna be prosecuted at home for multiple charges?


@nevarsin @mike He specifically said he wouldn't kill himself. Several times. He said the US had told him they would suicide him. Why would he fear jail/prosecution? He has money, he has lawyers.

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@danielfgom @mike he was a nut. Read his bio. That post with that tattoo was from 2019. It's not like after Epstein now every suicide is a conspiracy. The Epstein case is waaaaay more suspicious than this is.

@nevarsin @mike Sure he was. And yes, Epstein was more suspicious. But you'd think it would be difficult to hang yourself in a prison...who knows? Either way, RIP John McAfee.

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