ikea wardrobe planner requires flash. ADOBE FLASH.

first world my ass.

Mine has an RFID antenna and a storage chip to send data via RFID. Also has a black background LED (inverted polarity)

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I've been using a hacked (but genuine) Casio F-91W. The same I was using when I was 14.

Last time I was so happy with a piece of tech I've bought was with my Miscrosoft Surface.

This watch beeps every hour, and this helps me SO MUCH to keep track of my day. It costs about 10 EUR on Amazon Deutschland or about 20 USD.

Make sure to buy the genuine one, there are tens of rip-offs.

I used to be the "wired" guy. All things wired satisfied me so much because of low latency, reliability, no need to recharge things.

I'm becoming the extreme opposite to that. I want to go full wireless.

I don't need low latency as I'm not a pro gamer, audiophile or any extremist kind of anything.

Transformation has begun.

After a loooong period, I'll be streaming on Monday or Tuesday myself coding the new foocast.io website.

Things I know I will use:
- TypeScript
- Next.JS
- React
- Vercel

Things I don't know:
- Everything else.

Decisions will be taken on-the-fly and I'll learn stuff on-demand. So if you're patient, stay tuned 😉

in the last 3 months I've created 11 side projects to learn and improve knowledge on things like:

- React
- TypeScript
- Video Editing
- Coffee Brewing precision
- NextJS
- Mechanical Keyboards
- Audio Editing
- Cooking

Still, my brightest and yet simpler idea lives in my head for over 10 years now, nothing similar was made so far.

For the first time, I believe I'm ready for it.

Se conhecerem alguém que está sem convênio e tiver com algum sintoma da COVID-19 (tosse, febre, falta de ar, dor de garganta), orientem para entrar na plataforma do Missão Covid missaocovid.com.br . É uma plataforma que conecta o paciente com um grupo de médicos que se reuniu para atender gratuitamente as pessoas com os sintomas. A pessoa se cadastra e rapidamente um médico entra em contato e faz uma vídeo consulta. Atendimento gratuito.

Espalhe, para ajudar a quem precisa

FML, learning React with TypeScript is learning React all over again from scratch. ooffff 😓

Bom dia pra todo mundo, menos pro Centrão.

One of the reasons I've moved away from iOS over 1 year ago because of it's piece of shit notifications, and the continuous denial from Apple to improve it.

Since then, Android has been improving over and over the notifications to perfection. You have so much control and they make it better every time they touch it.

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