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FML, learning React with TypeScript is learning React all over again from scratch. ooffff 😓

Bom dia pra todo mundo, menos pro Centrão.

One of the reasons I've moved away from iOS over 1 year ago because of it's piece of shit notifications, and the continuous denial from Apple to improve it.

Since then, Android has been improving over and over the notifications to perfection. You have so much control and they make it better every time they touch it.

I might have found the sweet spot for my drip on coffe:

- 14.5g coffee beans (Guatemala, producer: Ana Ramirez)
- 210g water (Volvic)
- 60g bloom 30s
- 2x 75g 45s each

what and when it went wrong, for so many developers to have email newsletters instead of RSS?

what the actual fuck, people? for real? WHAT THE FUCK! STOP THIS MADNESS FOR FUCK'S SAKE!

Instagram and Twitter are now part of the past for me :yikes:

I won't complain about isolation for a while. At least, until I finish Alyx :)

**German study suggests infections are 10 times the number of confirmed cases**

"More than 10 times as many people in Germany have likely been infected with the coronavirus than the number of confirmed cases, researchers from the University of Bonn have concluded …"

#news #bot

alcoholic beverage 

impressive how this has evolved ❤️

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