I do not understand all of the love the CDN provider that defends Nazi's and TERFs is getting on birbsite.

Sure they do interesting tech things, but they also defend people who want your friends to die.

I want to write about something this week but idk what 🤔

every time i try and write blog posts they start turning into small books before i give up 😂

‪Tourists taking photos with cops is so fucking gross‬

The uk feels so foreign to me, despite being where I grew up. This is very weird lol.

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OH: “maker culture is just the libertarian fork of hacker culture”

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One day I will find sunglasses that don’t look _terrible_ on me, but today is apparently not that day

Trying to decide between going Modular to buy crafty things, or a garden centre to buy plant things. Garden centre has the disadvantage of it being hard to get things home 😬

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All of my old Brexit backup places are going more fascist and I have literally no idea what I’m gonna do if I have to leave this country lol

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