Me: "hm this seems to work for some people so I'm curious."

Vogel: "Progesteron bei Transsexuellen ist medizinisch unsinnig!"



I'm just gonna end up in Hamburg again aren't I?

I have two weeks off in November but can't leave Germany - Considering a few 1-3 day trips to other parts of DE, where do I go?

oh geeze the AfRA is so. damn. cold. *shivverrrsssss*

ohno voice therapy exercises this week are all focusing on breathing and projection while I'm probably coming down with a cold 😭

Premature distribution of work is bad, actually.

At this point half of my job is pointing out that networks are terrible and that cap theorem exists in rfcs

I took a mental health day today and aside from having to interview someone still out has been basically exactly what I needed

UK pol, anxiety 

UK pol, anxiety 

lmao that it was faster to update my name with my health insurance provider than it is with my bank (turns out TK don't even ask for proof you just edit it on the website and then they mail you a new card)

N26 on Tuesday: "it'll take 1-2 business days to fix your name"

N26, today, when asked for an update: "these matters can take a while to be processed for a matter of security. At the moment, it can take around 8 business days for these to be done."

Getting dressed this morning I realised I haven't seen a dude in the mirror for a while :3

Lol tk is sending me a 2fa code by physical mail so I can change my name

A night at home in my own bed was cold but damn I need that :3

Ugh figuring out which parts of the German bureaucratic system I need to tell about my name change is gonna be funnnnnnnnn

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