selfie, ecish 

The colours look a bit weird bc I borked some settings but hi :3, it's been a while

I no longer have to stream from plex via the public internet while actually on the same network xD

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Honestly the best thing about my work macbook being broken is that unlike the macOS VPN client, it's easy to get the linux one to do split tunnel

otoh I'm automating more of my ridiculous desk AV setup so it's not all a waste of time?

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I have been waiting (5) hours for a test cluster to deploy and I am so boooorreddd

whenever I don’t open mastodon for a couple of days I can’t refresh my timeline for a solid 5 mins with Toot! :/


These are the best breads I’ve made so far :3

Is there a nice 60% keyboard that can do USB-C and Bluetooth? I'm tired of my work Mac's USB issues but also don't wanna deal with not-usbc

baking, food + 

I made apple turnovers and damn these are pretty good :3 I wanna spice the apple more next time tho

I ran out of clean sports bras and this is a horrible way to discover that all of my Real Bras are a cup size too small now 😭😭😭 (owwwwww)

Over the last few weeks I’ve played through the Witcher 3 and one of the DLCs and damn some of the writing is _bad_ but it turns out I missed open world RPGs

Running code on a NIC is just kinda really interesting to me bc shenanigans can be had

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I kinda really want to find a cheap ARM SmartNIC but something tells me I’m not gonna be able to :(

Cheapest I’ve found is like.... 2.5k and you kinda need two for them to be fun

collection of HRTiversary photos, +ve 

HRT is magical and I’m really surprised at how much difference there is between now and this time last year (this collection is 10days pre HRT after a fire spinning accident+bad rescue haircut, 1year HRT, and yesterday)

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selfie, two year HRTiversary, +ve 

Today is my 2 year HRTiversary and honestly even despite 2020 I’m pretty sure this is the best year of my life

Also I missed mastodon. I should clean things up a bit and come back here. My feed seems way less stressful than the hellsite lol

welp apparently I can't really go outside rn because getting anywhere involves crossing through a fash protest


apparently I'm programming for fun again and my computer is happy about it

this sadness sponsored by me wasting 4 hours on a rerun of a flaky integration test

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i thought i got to stop having that argument when I stopped doing iOS development

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