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Danielle @danielle@mastodon.social

I regret to inform you: computers.

Forgive me for I hath written a terraform generator in bash

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@danielle my German is improving but still isn’t enough for socialising to be fun

Living in a country where your native language is not the countries native language is so lonely sometimes :(

I am currently refactoring a bunch of terraform and I regret many life choices that led to this scenario.

Its u2f support appears to be flaky tho... workings with GitHub but not Fastmail/Google.

Mastodon's web ui is so much more usable on Firefox Quantum than it was in Safari 🎉

I'm looking at going on vacation in December and I may be choosing a routing totally based on new planes that I haven't been on before...

I just used my XPS keyboard directly for the first time in a while (I usually use the Atreus with this machine), and wow I miss so many keys on this 😭 😭 😭

I can't play Splatoon 2 at home because of NAT issues while tethering 😭

@nicolai 👋 - Which was the best train station for SHA + Bike?

I've been having a hard few weeks but I just saw a random thing on birdsite with someone saying (indirectly) how much they liked a thing I worked on and honestly that has made my week.

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lifehack: if you say "I'll be right back" as you leave a room, you can say "as the prophecy foretold" when you re-enter

I think I'm gonna start watching Ghost in the Shell tonight - it's on offer on UK iTunes this week apparently.

Oh wow this is much nicer than it was a few months ago! Will actually start being here more I think

Today I learnt more ways that `sh` is not `bash` the hard way because VMware ESXi is awful and BusyBox is painful.