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Danielle @danielle

I can't play Splatoon 2 at home because of NAT issues while tethering 😭

@nicolai 👋 - Which was the best train station for SHA + Bike?

@uve no wires sounds like a pretty great improvement tho

@uve end of an era :O - but good sound is 👌

@uve do they still have cat ears?

@uve omg yes I am excited for this :3

@akrabat heh, Definitely - I'll be in Budapest from Monday through to Saturday lunch.

@akrabat @samathy oh that's a shame! - I've done a bunch of Swift server stuff, your session would've been really interesting!

@samathy speaking at Craft Conf in Budapest in a couple of weeks about developer tools

@samathy Yesterday I accidentally switched to Mir, had to force a downgrade, update Ubuntu to 17.04, switched window managers twice, and today I am writing a talk 😭

I've been having a hard few weeks but I just saw a random thing on birdsite with someone saying (indirectly) how much they liked a thing I worked on and honestly that has made my week.

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lifehack: if you say "I'll be right back" as you leave a room, you can say "as the prophecy foretold" when you re-enter

I think I'm gonna start watching Ghost in the Shell tonight - it's on offer on UK iTunes this week apparently.

Oh wow this is much nicer than it was a few months ago! Will actually start being here more I think

Today I learnt more ways that `sh` is not `bash` the hard way because VMware ESXi is awful and BusyBox is painful.