this sadness sponsored by me wasting 4 hours on a rerun of a flaky integration test

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i thought i got to stop having that argument when I stopped doing iOS development

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i can't believe it's 2020 and i have to convince people that unit tests are a good investment, actually.

to make it worse I'm essentially writing software to federate kubernetes things and its at least better than writing C90

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i regret to inform you I'm using kubernetes


I kinda learnt how to do eyeliner I guess?

Men keep assuming I'm nontechnical, and although their reaction when they realise I'm... actually more technical than them is hilarious I am TIRED

i'm writing multithreaded C90 code in 2020 and I just wanna throw a computer into the spree

I bought an Elgato key light but its control software didn’t work on Linux bc... fuck users I guess?

So I ended up writing today bc I was tired of having to use my phone 😅

I just saw a selfie of myself on the internet and my brain went “cute” and clicked on their profile and it was my selfie so uhhh my brain is strange apparently

jobs, berlin 

trying to help my partner find a new ops job in berlin and damn almost nobody is hiring :(

Pointing out an abusive employer in Berlin that regularly breaks employment law in a community slack got me a CoC warning lmao

Writing Cpp is making me reaaallly miss goroutines and channels rn 😭

i love how workvpn breaks resolving hosts on my local network because the fritz box insists on using fucking rather than something sensible like .local

It’s... somewhat amusing to me that my goal this year was to make local friends but then instead the apocalypse happened and I became worse at keeping in touch with people

i have been working way too much lately :(

gonna start doing personal stuff till noon, going for a walk, then working I think

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