We're waiting for the moving company to show up and tell us how much it'll cost to move our stuff and I'm preemptively worried about
a) speaking german bc I basically haven't in 18 months
b) them being shitty :(

cycled over to prenz to go take some photos and everywhere was so busy that I just cycled home instead.

it's basically busier than it was pre-pandemic?

homemade pizza night 🎉

the downside of this is, is that the apartment is currently very warm after making the sauce :(

Last day at my current job 🎉

(then 10 days off before I start a new job at the same company bc lol)

it's redder than it is pink but new hair!!! (also trying to take a selfie when it is humid and gross is haard)

i guess i'm gonna try picking up bikepacking instead? doing a berlin -> hamburg -> ams trip by bike could be fun

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I looked up the UCI rules to see if it's worth trying to get back to a point of being able to race bikes and the answer is apparently no :(

need to prove low enough testosterone levels for a year, and then continuously while you hold the license, which sounds a lot like monthly blood tests 😭

Ooops I just died my hair pink 😅 I guess I’ll see what it’s like in the morning

Gonna wait till after we move tho bc then I have my own office and don’t have to feel awkward doing a bajillion takes in front of someone else 🤣

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I think I’m gonna start doing video stuff?

I kinda miss giving conference talks and I feel like video stuff can replace that?

Also might try recording some bike trips bc the countryside around Berlin is pretty

My residency permit arrived on Saturday and yay :3 (sorry DE you’re stuck with me for another 10 years now I guess)

I love how good I feel after 30+km bike rides tbh. Gonna do them every day while I’m off work until second vax I think 😍

hot take but if you didn't read a thing you don't get to have opinions about it, and nor do you get to go on a rant

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welp men have once again succeeded in making me cry at work 🙃

I wish street photography was less sketchy in Germany tho. Excited to travel again eventually mostly for that xD

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I don't really have a good eye for composition any more, but getting back into photography this year has been great for my brain tbh. It's managed to drag me outside fairly regularly when i have no other reason to.

my favorite camera lens randomly stopped working the other day and waiting for sony support to respond is excruciating 😭

i miss when camera lenses weren't also computers

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