Is there a hosted git service that doesn't support fascists?

(that isn't, because they don't let you update usernames and I have a Thing against services with immutable names)

@danielle which is a custom gitea thing run by a friend

otherwise, not that I would know.

sourceware has something for git that's mainly used by GNU projects, but idk if that's public

@danielle GitLab supposedly rolled back on their decision to ban poltalk at work and to "do business with anyone regardless of pol" but we've yet so see how long that will last.

GitHub is definitely a lost cause.

@luna hm yeah - I think if I was gonna use gitea I'd probably host my own. GitLab I'm not sure I trust mostly bc they'd do anything to gain market share :(

@danielle Yeah I don't trust them either

I should try moving my stuff onto gitdab, which, despite the silly name is like, a legitimate hosted service


@luna my biggest issue with gitea is that i'd end up having to write my own CI tool again tbh πŸ˜…

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@danielle hmmmm

It sucks how capitalism means profit by all means, even making business with fascists committing genocide.

@danielle @luna Sorry for butting in, but could you expand on why you'd do that? Asking because I know Gitea integrates with several CI/C tools, so wondering if you have reqs those don't meet.

@ieure @luna I spent 3 years working at a ci provider so have p picky requirements for them πŸ˜…

@danielle @ieure @luna maybe if you take your time setting it up, your former employer might finally get around to supporting non-github repositories...

but maybe not

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