selfie, ecish 

The colours look a bit weird bc I borked some settings but hi :3, it's been a while


These are the best breads I’ve made so far :3

baking, food + 

I made apple turnovers and damn these are pretty good :3 I wanna spice the apple more next time tho

collection of HRTiversary photos, +ve 

HRT is magical and I’m really surprised at how much difference there is between now and this time last year (this collection is 10days pre HRT after a fire spinning accident+bad rescue haircut, 1year HRT, and yesterday)

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selfie, two year HRTiversary, +ve 

Today is my 2 year HRTiversary and honestly even despite 2020 I’m pretty sure this is the best year of my life


apparently I'm programming for fun again and my computer is happy about it


I kinda learnt how to do eyeliner I guess?

There is so much room for activities but still not enough to build work stuff in reasonable time 😬

tonight is gonna be fun. also welp i can't focus on work now

money, new computer (+) 

Upgrading my desktop turned into designing a new workstation/gaming machine and I am so excited to pick this up on monday :3

I finally got the project I've been working on for ~6 months to a state where the core of it _actually_ works and honestly this is super cool to do on my... last day lol

selfie, ec, + 

It's weird how I feel better about a lazy day selfie than I felt about selfies I _made an effort in_ a year ago

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