So how does one do a thread here? Can I spreadsheet pre write kind of deal? Have a bunch of narratives to share, but piece by piece may be unwieldy.

Also yes, I can use internet, but curious how y’all role.


Have been on mastodon vacay cause I’m on day five of my first (and only?) bout with COVID. Haven’t been using phone/comp much cause too tired and whatnot.

It’s a mild/medium symptom but and as a T1D I got on paxlovid asap, which brings its own effects.

Overall I’m fine, just exhausted af and no ability to focus for more than 5 or so minute stretches at a time.

Also-no coffee for 5 days makes me all kinds of sad.

If you have played my work—such as the workplace horror game "Content Moderator Sim"—and found it worthwhile, can you tell just one other person about it?

I'm now realizing this space is where I may subtoot a bunch of people.


Tonight we are presenting our final portfolios.

Our prof has decided to hand over the emcee mic to her assistnat who is a second year student.

She is super cool and has been a great presence.

But I think final portfolios should be dealt with by the actual professor, right?

I mean sure - if she'd been scaffolded into this - ok.

But the second year student seems as surprised as the rest of us.

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also - giving technical advice in the middle of student's final portfolios getting feedback?

When you've failed your students technically all semester?

Ah naaaah!

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So what I'll say is - NEVER ask your students to do things that you don't know how to do yourself. Sure - encourage them to do whatever they want, but on a basic level set up a structure on how you will share media. ESP in a MULTIMEDIA course.


Thanks for coming to my rant talk ;)

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haven't posted about this publicly much, but I’m so happy to have taken a tuition waiver, for credit, course at UNM in my first semester - AND its a multimedia collage course - so for those of you who know me - its a WIN!

Sadly, though, it was an absolute cluster s**t show because the prof had no idea how to actually do things online.

If I only had a dollar for every time someone finds out I’m from Canada and asks if I like Celine Dion …

Mastodon provides several tools for managing your timeline.

You can add notes to any profile. Why did you follow them? Are they a repeat offender? Remind yourself.

You can disable boosts on a per-user basis. Maybe you want to see a user's posts, but not everything that interests them.

You can temporarily mute an account while they get something out of their system.

You filter out posts with specific words, hashtags or phrases.

And when all else fails: block, unfollow, or mute indefinitely.

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*taps microphone*


- for the first time in 5 years :P

What are some good hashtags to add as pinned columns?

is one I recommend, to see a constant stream of new people saying who they are and what they are about.

Currently is a good one.

Any others?

Thought I would jump back in for a while and see how peeps have been over here.

Last several months moving and such has created a lot of busy work and its been hard to keep up with all the things.

I remember the very early days here as being fruitful and thoughtful and just full in general.

Has this space been as great as it was (way) back then?

Also, what up with my home feed having absolutely nothing in it?

Hugs and such soon.

so. i made an site. which makes it real, right?

now i need your help to make it make a difference. :)

sign up, share, maybe send me grant ideas?

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