Thinking of leaving FB and it's giving me hives. Which is probably a good reason to REALLY CONSIDER LEAVING FB. Ugh.

@actualham It's ok out here. There are many of us, we all do fine.


@katebowles @actualham

I think you'll be okay too Robin - I have thought about it as well, but am not brave enough yet.

Speaking of, we had guests over the holidays and my whole SM life really got derailed. I guess because we have so few peeps locally that we hang with SM is often our way to socialize.

Anywho, its great to be back on and see peeps here again. Happy holidays Kate :) and you too Actual ;)

@ShorterPearson @daniellynds @sundilu @actualham

FB observation: oldest daughter (17) joined at 10 with all her friends and it's still their main platform, though they prefer snapchat, "because it's the one we're all on".

Middle daughter (16) blogs and is intermittently on Twitter, has no interest in FB and has just joined Instagram.

Youngest (11) is the iPad generation kid for whom social came through gaming straight to Instagram.

That 6 year generation gap may be an issue for FB.

@actualham Thanks for bringing this up. I appreciated your post on FB about this. And how it may take time, but on your mind. I'm also pondering. @katebowles @daniellynds

@daniellynds @katebowles @actualham social media tends to get derailed when guests are around to talk to, and doubly so when those guests are family, and triply so when those guests are parents

guess who's been at my house this past week

@ShorterPearson @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham I find it really interesting to see my family members' SM habits in the flesh. Even though not truly their everyday habits (derailed).

@sundilu @ShorterPearson @katebowles @daniellynds Watching my parents online makes me want to live in the woods with just a hatchet and a fur cloak.

@actualham @katebowles @daniellynds @sundilu My parents have no online presence beyond email. I thought my father was giving Twitter some thought for a moment, because my uncle and cousins are more active online - but he never thought that hard about it.

He's probably better off, to be honest.

@ShorterPearson @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham When I say SM habits I should clarify. They are basically FB habits with a touch of Instagram.

@sundilu @ShorterPearson @katebowles @daniellynds Apropos of all of this, my Nana was amazed by online shopping when I told her about it. Turns out she thought whatever you ordered would get funneled through the computer cables directly onto your desk. WHICH WOULD BE COOL, YO.

@actualham @ShorterPearson @katebowles @sundilu I grew up with party line phone calls - we had one line for about a dozen houses and the number/sequence of rings on the line determined whose house was being rung.

That's old school SM ?

@daniellynds @actualham @ShorterPearson @sundilu Goodness me, I went to the beach for a morning swim and here you all are.

@katebowles @ShorterPearson @daniellynds @sundilu @actualham My kids show a similar pattern except oldest daughter uses FB for stuff she wants family to see only and used Snapchat & Instagram for everything else. 15 & 13 yos use Instagram & snapchat and don't have FB accounts.

I have an inkling that my 8 & 11 year olds barely know what FB is...

@Tdorey @ShorterPearson @daniellynds @sundilu @actualham So given that the market is driven by new users, we may be seeing in some localities a bubble working its way through?

These stories of generational media use -- from party lines to social gaming -- just lovely.

@cogdog @katebowles @ShorterPearson @daniellynds @actualham We did VR mapping with several groups of traditional students this year (18-22 yrs old) and I was surprised that FB was the most commonly used among them.

@sundilu @cogdog @katebowles @ShorterPearson @daniellynds @actualham IME they are using FB because of their families, and occasionally to keep with friends from school once they go to college :)

@DonnaLanclos I would agree. I guess not necessarily what they actually enjoy and feel most comfortable using. FB very utilitarian for keeping in touch. @cogdog @katebowles @ShorterPearson @daniellynds @actualham

@daniellynds @katebowles also: extracting myself from Facebook will be VERY hard because there are people who I haven't had means to maintain contact with beyond Facebook

still, I think it is important to start moving in that direction, and for exactly the reasons that @actualham states; the hives are cues that we've become too dependent upon that structure for doing work, and God knows Facebook takes advantage of our dependence.

@ShorterPearson @daniellynds @katebowles @actualham

Oh come on. BS. How can it be possible that FB is the only way to maintain contact? Let's see:

* email
* text message
* writing letters
* phone calls
* need I go on?

Sorry, that's a rubbish answer.

@cogdog @ShorterPearson @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham takes an effort though - I keep being encouraged to get ppl to use wickr or protonmail instead of fb or even email... but takes agreement and effort from both sides. Alan, you're 100% right though, there are other ways :)

@lauraritchie @cogdog @ShorterPearson @daniellynds @actualham The analog for me is grocery shopping. Much easier to go to the big one stop store, contribute endless data about self through store card, come away with much plastic wrapping, and food at prices achieved by coercing farmers in monopoly market.

Slower, less convenient, sometimes also more expensive: food market, local produce, less packaging, etc.

FB is the retail giant of social networking, but not the only way.

@katebowles @cogdog @daniellynds @actualham @lauraritchie "Retail giant" is exactly correct.

There are a host of people I work with, especially on a volunteer basis, for whom Facebook is their ONLY mode of online communication - and their use of Facebook groups drives much of the engagement of people together.

I KNOW that's not the best way, and I seriously believe that's not the healthiest way at this point. But others' communication is a real limiter.

@ShorterPearson @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham @lauraritchie I do understand, and apologize for the harsh tone.

But this fact is a symptom of a general failure to teach the public some general information literacy.

@cogdog, don't even worry about it. You're not wrong in the SLIGHTEST.

I just know I'm going to get HOWLING - from MULTIPLE quarters - when I back away from Facebook. (And it's increasingly "when", not "if".)

Increasingly, though, the prospect of that howling is convincing me that I do need to back away. @katebowles @daniellynds @actualham @lauraritchie

@ShorterPearson @cogdog

I know it's old, but I show people (including staff & students) this:
and then they sometimes care more about things fb... (saying that, I still use it but am very aware that whatever I post is used- I am consumed, not consumer)

@katebowles @daniellynds @actualham

@ShorterPearson @cogdog @daniellynds @actualham @lauraritchie I've had similar dilemmas with groups I've worked with who say "O we will communicate on FB" and I think, well, this is a bit like being vegetarian and going to dinner. You have to figure out how to mention it.

But I do think everyone has to make up their own minds about all this.

Also like vegetarianism. (Which I'm totally not.)

@katebowles @ShorterPearson @cogdog @daniellynds @actualham @lauraritchie for me, part of the analogy is people saying -- "if we go out for dinner, i *always* go to [name restaurant]." -- excluding alternatives before they can be considered.

@cogdog @ShorterPearson @daniellynds @katebowles @actualham A family member (well, a step-cousin) just had a baby and I would never have known if I hadn't gotten onto FB for something else for the first time in like three months recently. That's how dependent they are--they don't do any other form of announcement. And a friend sent out party invite only through FB and then emailed me the day before saying "oh yeah, forgot you're not on FB much." Come on, people.

@cogdog @ShorterPearson @daniellynds @katebowles @actualham And those who say young people don't use FB anymore? Tell that to student groups at my uni. Recently was asked to send around a call for proposals for an undergrad research conference at my uni to students in the program I Chair, and the link was to a FB post. Seriously?

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