Just watch the PE continue to gaslight everyone.

Its horrifying and sad.

And I really need to do something about it, but don't know what/where that something is.

Suggestions welcome :)

@daniellynds I'm going to the choir practice at my new church for the first time.

All I can think of to do is build relationships. I don't know that anybody is much on convincing right now. I feel like the best thing I can do is love. And I'm in a new place, so I need people to love first.

@daniellynds I'm reading Maya Angelou and playing cello at a 'Love music hate racism, music & words' event on Jan 20 at my uni... you're more than welcome to contribute remotely - or suggest something & I'll read it.

@daniellynds In my opinion, naming it what it is (gaslighting) is a good first step. Next, don't repeat it or acknowledge it. Give it what manipulative, crazy-making behaviour deserves: no air time. Focus instead on the real issues and try to understand the underlying beliefs/needs driving them from the eyes of the gaslighter. Where it doesn't matter, let them win. Decide what does matter and prepare to fight (even if you lose).

@Tdorey @daniellynds I'd add to this: this is a long haul. We need to build up everything that works, because we all need to be here sustainably and in good shape long after the start-up phase of awful.

I find myself keeping an eye on American friends, differently. It's going to be really tough to have this as the news cycle *and* on social media.

@katebowles @Tdorey @daniellynds oh yes. my heart & consciousness are divided betw US (NYC-born + close family/friends) & Ireland (my life for many years). these are dark times. we are all reeling.

I feel compelled to work on a few levels. firstly, naming & calling out, which you've mentioned. secondly, personal/local action, I'm supporting loved ones re: thr fears & future plans. finally, global action, specific projects & campaigns. and my/our [healthy] networks are essential to all of these.

@catherinecronin @Tdorey @daniellynds Being from The Big Outside while on Twitter continues to be a strange feeling. We have some things happening here in Australia that demand vigilance (take a look at ) but as so much of my network is American, it also sometimes seem as though there is only Trump, a vast shadow over us all.

So I think keeping the lights on locally is also important.

@katebowles I seems to recall the mantra of my activist-days back in the late 80s was "Think globally, act locally". Still holds true, I think. The world is an even more interconnected place now than it was then, but we still have the greatest impact in our local communities. @catherinecronin @Tdorey @daniellynds

@katebowles @daniellynds Absoutely. It is certainly a marathon+ rather than a sprint.

Trying to find something else positive to say and all that comes to mind is that most of us are far stronger than we think and can endure more awful than we imagine. ⛅️

@Tdorey @daniellynds I struggle with this. Because on the one hand I want to point out where things are going wrong to avoid normalizing what shouldn't be normalized. And to show just how bad things are when they're bad. But I don't want to spread hate and manipulation and general garbage.

@clhendricksbc @daniellynds Yeah, I understand that sentiment. From where I sit, the real things that need to be exposed aren't the tweets, but rather things like the true stories of folks who will need to forgo food or die because health care is repealed. I might be wrong but I continue

@Tdorey @daniellynds I think thinking small is absolutely critical. And the focus on the people who are harmed. Like how the House just voted to start repealing ACA. Don't promote the nasty tweets, but do talk about the real impacts. That makes sense to me.

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