I am scared.

As a Canadian on a work visa in US, I am scared that the next time I leave they might not let me back in. My lovely wife @sundilu is an American from NM and we know so many lovely people here, but this climate is so stressful and as I express my ways to here and on SM, I'm worried a border guard will see my efforts and reject me.

And I'm a middle aged white guy with a decent education - am HORRIFIED for ALL of the people less privileged than I.

Hugs and love to you all!

@daniellynds @sundilu Mohammed tells people to kill. If you follow mohammed it should be concerning that you might actually follow the instructions of the book. You're Canadian you will be allowed back no problem. Just don't mention mohammed

@McGoo This comment is pretty clearly islamophobic in nature, *and* engaging someone who didn't ask your opinion. Such behaviour is not tolerated here.

@Gargron your comment is clearly ignorant in nature. islamophobia is a phobia and my concerns are quite rational. As opposed to phobias which do not have logic behind them. If you require the actual verses of the quran I can look into it for you. Given you coding here I am sure you have used google before however. Not engaging people that don't ask for comments would kill social media in a heart beat. I guess that's why you're not twitter yet.

@daniellynds @sundilu Such an awful feeling; I can only imagine. I am guessing the terribleness is restricted to non-Canadians; Canadians probably seem innocuous to the regime. Which is all the worse for non-Canadians.

Which is not to say you shouldn't be scared. God, who knows what the hell this regime might do.

I'm an American living in Canada and right now I am crushed by the weight of what my country is doing. And also fighting back.

@clhendricksbc @sundilu yeah I'm doubting I'll be affected by this, but who knows how far reaching and for how long they will go.

Especially with news that they may search people's SM accounts and the like.

But yeah, I am privileged, white, and educated. Not too much to fear.

Either way, I will do what I can to help though :)

@daniellynds @clhendricksbc @sundilu I love you all. I am praying, and to the extent I am able I am paying, for intervention that stabilizes the current crisis and calms people's fears.

I marvel at the extent to which my circle of friends has come to go both ways across the United States/Canada border. It oscillates between being comforting and frightening.

Dan, I bear your fears with you.

@ShorterPearson @clhendricksbc @sundilu you're the best Chuck - thanks for your thoughts :)

Thoughts and hugs to your peeps and others with all the fear!

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