Thought I would jump back in for a while and see how peeps have been over here.

Last several months moving and such has created a lot of busy work and its been hard to keep up with all the things.

I remember the very early days here as being fruitful and thoughtful and just full in general.

Has this space been as great as it was (way) back then?

Also, what up with my home feed having absolutely nothing in it?

Hugs and such soon.

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@daniellynds your home feed stops updating if you're away for a while, to save resources

it'll fix itself in time! think of it as an excuse to go search some hashtags, check out the public timelines and follow interesting people!

@daniellynds Hello Daniel!

Yes, yes it is just as fruitful!

The blank home feed- it's a glitch and it will repopulate itself soon, refresh...

welcome welcome welcome

It's been very good here, we had a real conference (where you popped in via video in Kamloops) because of this place, and I've had the good fortune to be involved in a with @dogratx &
others (soon to come out as a track on an album!) Lots going on!

@lauraritchie Super! Glad to be back in here and yeah timeline is sorted. :)

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