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First there is a mountain,
Then there is no mountain,
Then there is.

—Zen proverb

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Fiction that isn’t approved by your government, parents, or teachers.

Unfit for public consumption. Toxic content. (Keep the secret!)

Stories by Martha Wells, Ken Liu, Orson Scott Card, Cat Rambo, Philip K. Dick, David Brin, Yoon Ha Lee, and more.

"State troopers said they were taking anything that could be thrown at legislators, which included tampons, maxi pads, sugar packets, and condoms. But guns are still a go."

Well, there's a young man in a t-shirt
Listenin' to a rockin' rollin' station
He's got greasy hair, greasy smile
He says, Lord this must be my destination
'Cause they told me when I was younger
Said boy, you're gonna be president
But just like everything else
Those old crazy dreams
Just kinda came and went
Oh, but ain't that America

Little pink houses for you and me

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