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There Goes The Neighborhood
by Jerry Oltion

She was sitting in her recliner in the living room, re-reading her tattered copy of Gone With the Wind, when she heard the soft tinkle of tiny bells in the distance. Fairy bells...

Eternal Boiler - Taiyo Fujii

Yamashita was dressed in worn-out jeans and a black turtleneck sweater ... a combination probably inspired by the legendary founder of Apple. It crossed my mind that he owed Steve Jobs an apology.

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In the Garden, a Late Flower Blooms by Jerry Oltion

Persistence of Memory by Lisa Cohen

Sexbot's Lament by Eric Del Carlo

Intrinsick Magazine

Funny, Weird, What the-Eff, Stories. We like em quirky and murky. We pay $10 per published piece. 2000 words or less. Tell us a story. ISSN 2475-2525 ~ Utter stupidity since MMXV.

The Real Truth about Short Story Submissions

I’ve long since been against prohibiting simultaneous submissions, but most of the SFF mags (in America) don’t allow you to submit simultaneously to other mags. To me, this kills the short story market.

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The EU has some issues. I favour fixing them from within; however, if we are to leave, let us actually set better policies.

The Soil Association, "Green Brexit: Setting the Bar for a Green Brexit in Food and Farming":

#Brexit #environment #agriculture #politics

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