I've just written about my new job at @endlessglobal@twitter.com to work on @madetohack@twitter.com, and about the end of @wadobo@twitter.com in my blog danigm.net/endless.html

Gatwick express cancelado, hora y media en un taxi compartido y después de 30 minutos corriendo por el aeropuerto hemos llegado al avión... No me gusta viajar

Ahora hemos llegado al hotel. No me gusta viajar

Me parece increíble que ayer por la tarde comprara tres cables USB y un enchufe y me llegue hoy a Málaga. Me gasté 20 euros. O estos precios no son reales o realmente esta gente es muy eficiente

@jgarciao And it's really easy to package desktop applications!

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@danigm This is what I love from Flathub: a new app can easily be installed by Linux users on day one from release.

Congrats for the app! I will certainly give it a try

@slomo @federicomena so it's "easier" that I tought... We *only* need a tool to generate the headers with all GIR docs from rustdocs

@federicomena @slomo I've taking a look to the code and that looks great! The C files to generate the GIR is really simple, maybe in the future that could be autogenerated too.


or maybe better, we can try to add to the g-ir-scanner the ability to parse rust commets to generate the GIR XML file.

@federicomena @slomo I'll copy all of this in libgepub rust branch. This is great!

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This is rather momentous... librsvg no longer has GObject boilerplate in C; it's all in now - gitlab.gnome.org/federico/libr

This branch is not merged into master yet, because it needs glib-rs to have a new release with @slomo's subclassing code.

@hirojin @brainblasted I don't know, but if it's complex to install in a normal system maybe it's because it has some dependencies... maybe a flatpak packages can be done with this: tug.org/texlive/quickinstall.h

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