I've just published Fractal 4.1.1 in flathub beta. This is the second beta release before the stable 4.2.0 comming soon. Here you have more information about the release: gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/fractal

Travel to/from work should be paid time. In this case a lot of companies will start to love the remote working

@spectrumgomas pues en Twitter está erprincipitoand, que hace un buen trabajo divulgativo. Échale un vistazo a Er Prinçipito Andalûh ۞ (@Erprincipitoand): twitter.com/Erprincipitoand?s=

@spectrumgomas yo las he sacado de andaluh-py, más información sobre la propuesta por aquí andaluhepa.wordpress.com/

I've written something about the Andaluh and the andaluh-rs crate that I've been working on: danigm.net/andaluh.html

Today I've written about how to install EndlessOS and dual boot with other GNU/Linux distros: danigm.net/endlessos-dual-boot

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@sean @danigm I wouldn't call it GTK shortcomings. Unix lets your rename the /usr directory to /system, but then a lot of things won't work as expected. Is that a shortcoming of Unix? No. Do we need the ability to create arbitrary directories & rename them? Yes. Is it possible to build a complete system where everything expects /system, not /usr? Yes, see Android.

@sean @bugaevc as I said, it's okay to change the app, but if you break it, it's your fault, don't blame me. Lets change the point of view, instead devs testing all themes and fixing the app to work well on every theme or distro, maybe theme devs should test with all apps and fix the theme.

It's okay to theme or downstream an app, but if you do that, don't blame me if I say "It works for me". stopthemingmy.app/

Installed EndlessOS on my ThinkPad X1 coexisting with Fedora. It was not possible using the installer, but it was not hard. I learned a bit about EFI in the process

Mañana voy a la ETSII de Sevilla a hablar de sistemas de ficheros y ext2,3,4. En una clase de sistemas operativos

Ajolá no se pongan de acuerdo y tengamos otras votaciones pronto

Sólo un comentario de la peli, Thor me representa

Ayer terminé juramentada, del archivo de las tormentas de @BrandSanderson@twitter.com. Qué gran batalla final.

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