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My most recent piece is about the logic and culture of platform capitalism, which I wrote for Real Life Magazine:

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I still don't like left "irony posting" because it's basically just a bunch of insiders winking at each other for being so clever about whatever is the topic de jour

oh god this reminds me... I need to make a website. I'm going to make one with squarespace unless somebody convinces me otherwise.

anywho, I'm applying to a job in the Netherlands today! I hope they like me.

i think the reason I find it hard to use Mastodon on here is that my twitter account is big enough to use it for didactic purposes. I can "explain" stuff there and it makes sense to do so. Here it feels like it would be patronizing in part because the community is so different.

hello again mastodon, i don't know what the point of posting on the internet even is anymore if i can't sass people with more power than me

it's job season so i prob shouldn't post anything on my twitter siiigh

hopping back over here after locking my account on twitter cuz i can't spend my day beefing about getting screwed as a freelance writer

the black keys are one of those bands that have been so firmly incorporated into corporate "cool" that it's hard to hear any of their songs and not think about shopping

let it be known that i have purchased hollow knight for the switch. I am only doing this because I had an absolute blast with Dead Cells

y'all i got an extension for a paper I'm on the hook for and... I'm so relieved. I haven't been this relieved in ages.

woke up this mornin to find out somebody wants to give me $5 million of their powerball win. How nice.

y'all i've had writers block for days now. I have to write a 5 page conference paper by Friday and submit it for peer review. I don't want to do that. I've been sitting at home playing Destiny by myself trying to work through whatever emotions i have about writing this damn paper.

On the first day of class I wore some pants with the size sticker on the leg and one of my students emailed me to let me know about the sticker b/c they were too embarrassed to tell me in person

i wrote 600 words today. Will likely delete all of them next week but that's how writin' works

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