@trom Well, yes, I don't think they have the choice too tbh. What is to be ashamed is services like Contabo just ignoring e-mails at all which I hope Hetzner won't do if such a thing had to happen to me.

From what I read from the blog post you've linked, they're using automated tools to do so (crawling the web?), don't you think that using a custom robots.txt file disallowing web crawlers would help?

Btw, the use of Basic Auth was pretty clever from them

@trom I'm sorry I don't know any other cheap alternatives. The hosting provider I now use is Hetzner because it has some many options and has a really powerful API, but it is more expensive than Contabo I'm afraid

@trom Trust me, you should move away from Contabo as a whole

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@tedu There was a time where my folders were opened by xdg-open in Atom Editor, quite ridiculous

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you ever think about all that bandwidth, server space and energy we'd save if ads didn't exist on the internet

Estis la unua fojo ke, mi provis programi por la Nintendo 3DS, la rezulto ne estas vere originala sed mi ŝatis fari ĝin 😌

@livvydun Oh, tu te débarasses de presque l'intégralité de la plate-forme du coup 😅😅

@livvydun Tu as des inquiétudes sur la campagne de vaccination ?

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