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@mastohost In case I decide to host my own instance in the future, is there a way to export the data of my instance? Thanks!

Seems like I'm one of the few people using mobile tap-to-pay (e.g. Google Pay) here in Manila.

I always have to tell to the Starbucks staff that it works & they marvel when they see it in action.

What's awkward though is when I get "Phone Moved Too Fast" error, it crashes Starbucks POS.

I have to wait for 3+ mins for it restart.

Not having a job is awesome!

Already finished 2 books (The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck & Change Agent) this year and it's only January. I have never read 2 books in a month before.

Next up is The Coddling Of The American Mind & (finally) finish Three-Body Problem.

Finally booked my Patagonia trip in March. 9-day trek of O Circuit of Torres Del Paine.

Inspired by Salt Fat Acid Heat show, I made Focaccia for New Year's Eve.

@dansup Android developer here. How do I get access to the API docs? Thanks.

Yes the Philippines has a football team! Excited for PH's first appearance in the Asian Cup next month and how it's going to improve under Sven-Göran Eriksson.

Google just confirmed that Samsung has a foldable phone coming.

When spread out, it takes tablet form factor.

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As much as we wanted to release a stable version on Oct 17th, we can admit its not production ready quite yet.

We do not want to sacrifice quality and your expectations just so we can say it was finished in 6 months.

We appreciate your support, and can't wait for tomorrow! ❤️

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Digital Nomad setup. Note the inflatable cushion because desks are pretty high at the coworking space.

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