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Gonna try to start using more. There’s official Android and iOS apps now! New account here:

I guess I need to learn to dance and lip sync before elon buys the bird app. Watch out clock app, millennials are coming to ruin it

iPhone should have a Digital Crown instead of volume rockers

Been thinking I want an ouroboros/homunculus tattoo, so I rewatched Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Show fucking slaps dude

Nothing makes me more grateful for modern technology than DoorDash while I’m sick. I’ll just be here under my blanket drinking Gatorade, not getting up or cooking or trying to go to the store for medicine. Pretty great

There is no medical basis for gender. Any attempts to create one excludes cis people and ignores intersex people. Many trans people are “biologically” their gender having the same hormone levels as cis people, and even chromosomes are not a reliable means to determine gender

Ladies, do we have any recommendations for well made bags/mini backpacks? I really love for men’s everyday carry but I would like something more obviously fem. Summer is coming and I can’t rely on jacket pockets much longer 😬

Probably need to scale this back and just fix the padding and maybe colors, but I was thinking floating infobars sure looks nicer

Getting shot in the face with laser beams today. Wish me luck! 🤞

I handed my PinePhone to a few friends at the pub and since Manjaro installs several non-GNOME-core apps by default the consistent feedback I got was, “I don’t know what any of these apps are” and the phone handed back

Got my GitHub notifications down into the 300s today 😅 lots to catch up on

Slept with the window open last night and woke up with a massively swollen eye and trouble breathing. Thanks allergies. I needed another thing to deal with

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