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How do you become of these corporations that paid $0 in taxes last year. Asking for a friend

Prototyping a new notifications server using instead of custom drawing. Yup, that's a Gtk Window, animations and everything.

Why is the new Mac Pro so ugly? How did this make it into production? What is happening?

Just a reminder to anyone who didn’t know: you can toggle off some tracking in the Reddit app. Go to Settings -> Personalization Preferences and toggle off this nonsense about sharing your browsing with third party advertisers

After 2 months of hard work, AppCenter now has support in Git master. Massive shoutouts to David Hewitt and others!

Tune in to to hear from about his research on dark styles in OS

After some time with iPhone XS... I kinda don’t like it. It’s too big. Too slippery. I keep accidentally flipping the mute switch and getting annoying notification sounds. It’s already very scratched. Where is the SE2? That’s what I want.

Hold on to your butts. Just got an order of coasters in and you’ll be able to get your own soon 😉

It is unethical to force a child to be born into a world where they will have no willing or able guardian.

We could really use passionate web developers and designers to continuously improve There’s a lot we could be doing to engage better and organize information in more useful ways. @ me bro

If you don’t ship your grocery products in resealable packaging, I hate you and also please think of the children. Thanks

So just made a Stable joke, snorted, and then pushed up her glasses.

I blame you I blame you

I absolutely would love to come to again. Amazing crowd. I have learned a ton

Talking to about improving customer engagement with Lots of great ideas flowing :)

Learning Blender at Super cool stuff!

So the latest version of GIMP looks awful and is extremely hard to use because of the monochromatic icons

If you could throw a quick sub to my girlfriend’s channel on YouTube that would mean the world to her :)

Also RT this for signal boost please. Let’s help a creative person get started! Thank you!

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