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Scheduled dark mode just landed in the new elementary settings daemon thanks to!

I don’t like Trump. But writing things off is how tax law works man. It’s an incentive to put money into the economy. Of course he spent a bunch of money and then didn’t pay taxes. That’s the goal of the system. That’s what it’s designed to do

It’s really both sides, folks. One side wants us to believe in far out conspiracies like “science” and “medicine” and the other side wants us to carefully consider how being against sexism and racism is actually a bad thing and theocracy is a better form of government. Both sides

Final season of The Good Place got me feeling like this is actually The Bad Place

Somebody is about to have a multi-monitor setup for bug hunting

Jumped back into notifications today to work on actions support. Cleaned up some things that will hopefully allow me to finish that support soon

It’s really hard to feel like work is important when I might be living in a dictatorship or fighting in a civil war in a couple months

Damnit Netflix of course I’m still watching New Girl. Does this bottle of wine look empty to you?

I really need to figure out keyboard focus styles for the new stylesheet. Feel free to send me inspiration screenshots. Especially ones for checked radios and switches. Buttons and entries are fairly straightforward

This Tesla presentation is such a mess. Elon is a horrible public speaker

Of course the frame rate looks awful on Twitter, but I assure you this is buttery smooth multi-touch goodness

Today instead of cleaning my apartment I cleaned some old code. That counts right?

Seeing some of the UI bugs in macOS and iOS and working with layouts in SwiftUI, it’s incredible how jank it is compared to Gtk. I feel like we’re miles ahead in terms of easily being able to create complex widget layouts

OBS in macOS crashes when you try to use the browser plugin

Can’t have different crop/filters for webcam in elementary OS

No obvious way to capture audio from specific apps in either platform

Why is streaming software so complicated

I'm gonna stream some live coding to this super secret and exclusive URL: rtmp://

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