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SFO ✈️ DEN with

Our driver is forreal watching right now

[My girlfriend and I watching on]

The talking to inanimate objects part is weird...

[30 minutes later]

Konnichiwa, Hausu-sama! Arigato gozaimasu, Pantsu-san! (⌒‿⌒)

So right out of the gate in 2019 I’m seeing vegan options hit fast food chains and I’m thinking this might be the year of mass market cheap meat subsitute products. Those economies of scale

Don’t mind me I’m just losing the war on dog odor

Gated communities are an example of security theater

I think we’ve kickstarted a feedback loop where users want to be on OS because that’s where the apps are and app developers want to be there because that’s where paying users are

Doing a big ol’ Calendar redesign and code cleaning.

New episode of User Error is out. If you listen to your podcasts in, we’d appreciate your reviews!

I really want a Surface Studio. It looks so badass

I really hate when people write UI/UX as if they are interchangeable terms

Cleaning my bathroom and listening to I think there’s a whole market here being underserved. I want to buy cleaning supplies with names like GERMICIDE or MOLDMURDER

Love the design of this year’s shirt and there’s a coaster! Super rad. Major shoutouts to github and

Not only does the new Gtk+ Greeter for elementary OS look cool, it closes 13 issue reports so far

Just paid with my watch at a kiosk in McDonalds. This is clearly the future.

YouTube Video Idea: read the California voter guide, but well produced. Seriously why isn’t this a video?

I’m really interested in how being able to see who’s a Patron will effect the social dynamics on Reddit

USB C on iPad is a big deal. We may finally get it on iPhone next year

I don’t understand the Mac lineup anymore. Why isn’t this just the new MacBook? Why does MacBook exist?

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