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Been pretty quiet because so much is getting done! Almost have a working MVP of the new Flatpak submission process for AppCenter thanks to hard work from and

Peace out sac town. See you in a week. Gotta visit my side city

Yo this plane is packed AF. We out here in the virus mobile. It is not like the commercials. Good thing I’m vaxxed up

It has been over a year and people still don’t wear the mask over their nose and still don’t know what 6 feet is.

Finally watching Handmaid’s Tail because I keep seeing people mention it.

I really wonder how conservatives feel about this show.

Dude I love SASS. I was thinking “oh no this is gonna be a pain”. It was like 6 lines

LPT: rotate between only 2 pairs of sheets so you never have to fold the fitted sheet

Not sure if I’d rather player Pokémon snap or hack on Music after I finish laundry. Or clean the kitchen ugh. I definitely don’t want to do that.

Definitely struggled a lot with my weight over the last year or so, but I’m happy to see a number under 200 this morning!

Sometimes when I’m working on a hard problem I’ll create a handful of branches attacking it from different angles. Maybe I’ll have a prototype UI branch, a hacky-but-works branch, and one with refactoring ideas. Then I’ll do my actual proposals based on what I learned “sketching”

Something I don’t like about Apple Fitness: yesterday my calf was really sore, so I decided to rest to make sure I could be more active today. There goes my streak. Forever. No awards for you. Should have overextended yourself. Stay active. Close your rings

Freaked out for a second because I took a big bunch of cilantro out of the fridge and took the tie off and it said CORIANDER 😱

Went on a mission to figure out what’s causing the installer window to expand as you go, ended up rewriting most of the UI

I talked about this a couple days ago in the abstract, but I'm very frustrated with the state of Music. It's a very old code base that is super complicated and poorly architected. So, Friday I spent some time prototyping an MVP for a new Music codebase. This is what it looks like

I’m definitely having kind of a rough time right now. It’s hard to hear criticism when you work very hard on something. So it was really nice to see this video that’s so positive even when things are unexpected ❤️

Now shipping screenshot as a Flatpak. uploaded the missing extensions that were causing to crash. Also disabled the auto accent color OOTB, and proposed a fix for entering passwords for non-Latin inputs in the installer. Keep the feedback coming

That feel when you have so much shit to do that you make it worse by refusing to get out of bed

There are a lot of people in this world that are dishonest and manipulative. So much so that an honest person shocks them and they don’t believe it. This is very sad to me.

I help run trivia at my local pub and tonight someone told me to drop my accent. Cool

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