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Hey AppCenter developers, I’m working on manually uploading apps until the new dashboard is ready. If you’re ready to go, drop me a link to your latest release and I’ll set up an import!

Got junk mail from with a big “2nd Notice” on the front like it was an unpaid invoice or something. That is a horrible dark pattern. They should be ashamed

Just made the last payment on my office chair. Totally worth it. I get why people spend a buttload of money on chairs now

I should probably not own pets because I have a very poor gag reflex

Good morning boys, girls, and enbies! Today is my birthday and I have a small birthday wish 🙏🏼

Throw a wee bit of cash at an open source project or maintainer that you love and benefit from ❤️

Mask mandates are coming back and people are understandably upset. I still wear my mask out, but I’m upset too. I don’t want things to shut down. I don’t want be in a constant state of emergency. But people aren’t getting vaccinated, and that’s why we’re here

We need to talk about how many cars there are. How is a newcomer supposed to know which car to buy? In the US, there’s like 260 models of cars on the market. How can we know which is the best car? Why doesn’t everybody just work together on making one car?

Wait. What the fuck is this. Is this an advertisement for literally any 5 stores?

Watched a run of Mario Odyssey this morning and I forgot hope great that game is. I’ll never to revisit it after I finish Skyward Sword HD

Article says teens are more lonely than ever because smartphones

Maybe it’s the entire generation of parents micromanaging their every activity, the media constantly fear-mongering about kidnappings, the lack of public transportation, rising costs for everything, lack of jobs…

So I’ve unfortunately become aware of the latest right wing grift: the freedom phone and just..

For people who still think Flatpak apps have large file sizes, I just updated Harvey to build against our stable platform and the bundle size is 59 KB. not MB. KB.

Open source software is inherently political. Copyleft is a political statement. The 4 essentials freedoms are a human rights argument

We are just about there! Only 3 deb packages left. Stable Flatpak platform. 5 Flatpak apps. A little cleanup and it’s done:

Writing change logs and there’s so many little quality of life features we’ve added over the last year. This is gonna be a hell of a long blog post. RIP

Listening to pop punk and building packages 🎶

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