A significant part of being an open source software maintainer is people telling you that you’re wrong/stupid/should die/etc.

So I want to give a shout out to the people that take the time to say nice things. Thank you for believing in me. Your support is huge. I appreciate you

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@danrabbit And we appreciate you and the whole team for the amazing work you're doing! Have been following elementary since only the release of Juno, and went from "oh that's interesting" to desinstalling Ubuntu and Arch and stop booting into Windows on my laptop :-)

@danrabbit People telling you stupid crap like that probably look themselves in the mirror every morning saying the very same things.

Poor sods.

You are doing great things!

@danrabbit My only experience with Elementary OS is through a friend of mine, who decided he was sick of Windows and thought it was the best looking option on my list of alternatives. Installed it for him with no problems whatsoever.

A year later he couldn't be happier, and I've even considered switching myself. I don't know if you're aiming to create the entry-level Linux desktop that Ubuntu was for me more than 10 years ago (and still is, tbh), but if you are you're certainly succeeding.

@danrabbit That is so fucked up, giving so much of your life and the output of so much of your hard work to the world for free, and being met like that. The world is crazy, and I wonder how we stand it some times. I myself know the feeling from the work I put into politics, trying to make the world a more sustainable place, all for free. It's demoralizing. But there are also so many other great people out there helping and supporting, thankfully.

@danrabbit Thank you for everything you do! Aesthetics is so important to me, and the same with UX. Making FOSS software, especially Linux, user friendly and appealing for as many people as possible is literally some of the most important things we can do in the face of a future of surveillance capitalism and our devices being used against us to control us, IMHO. Very few does it better than you, I was so happy when I discovered your work, and saw you grow it to what it is today.

@danrabbit I always try to start or end my own bug reports and feature requests with a thank you for a great and/or important product, and/or for the time and effort they spend.

I know some disagree with me doing that, thinking issues shoul be strictly to the point, not wasting anyone's time.

But I keep it short, and I think it's important, especially since I know so many gets so much hate or harsh criticism all the time.

We're all human, and we need support and appreciation

@forteller @danrabbit how do the developers see that? i do it sometimes, especially when writing e-mails, but most of the time i just make the bugreports as precise as possible.

how do you write it? do you have a common phrase you always use or write something spontaneous?

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