For #Tusky 8 I will finally implement animated avatars

So, the full plan for #Tusky 8 is:
• fix them bugs
• fix more bugs
• refactor the shit out of that old codebase
• fix even more bugs
• animate avatars
• i guess some bugfixing won't hurt


Hi, I am trying to set the Tusky app to open external links directly in the app. The corresponding switch has been activated in app settings. But no matter what I do, links are always opened in the external default browser.

Is this a known issue? Thanks.

@dans_root what browser do you have installed? Afaik this only works with Firefox and Chrome


Various browsers are installed, mostly from F-Droid, e.g. Privacy Browser, Fennec (Firefox), Tor Browser, Bromite (Chromium) and FOSS Browser.

FOSS Browser is currently default. Do I have to add a vanilla Firefox for that feature? My expectation would be that the app would use Android's built-in WebView.

@dans_root no it is not using the built-in webview but rather the "custom tab" feature some browsers offer and falls back to opening in the default browser if that does not work.



OK, thanks for the information. After switching the default browser to Fennec, it does open links in an in-app browser tab. FOSS Browser did not support custom browser tabs.

I opened an issue in Github (1307), which you may use to add a corresponding explaination in Tusky's settings for other users to better understand this setting.

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