I had tickets to see Tash Sultana today, but I skipped it to work on @pixelfed . I can see her again, but pixelfed will only launch once!

@dansup @pixelfed
You might be joking, but I actually envy you. When you got a fulltime job and a couple decades more, you just don't have neither the time nor energy left to work on this kind of projects.

You're part of the revolution. That's a wonderful thing.

@rick_777 I'm not joking, and I respect your position. I did not expect a few screenshots and lines of code to become what PixelFed has become!

@dansup man, take time for you. F***off @pixelfed and deadlines. IMHO.

Q: will Beta be open to register or with invitation? Thanks

Thanks for your work.

@xosem Hi, the beta registration will be open to anyone in the channel on freenode on May 31.

@dansup @xosem this makes me want to set up my server to idle in that channel until then.

Hm. I should probably just install an irc client first.


I follow that channel from a IRC room on @matrix

...just in case ;)

@Satsuma on your #matrix client
search for room #pixelfed selecting #IRC

It will look something like: 😉

@zatnosk @matrix

@charlag oh, maybe @xosem have a clue to why it fails?
I haven't used matrix, so I know nothing :)

@charlag set "Room Directory" as "Freenode", not #matrix; then search for #pixelfed ;)


@dansup @xosem I've got to figure out what freenode is by then xD

Last boost: note to self get an irc client before Thursday.

(Anyone got any suggestions?)

@dansup should've gone to see the show! even if you had to delay the launch to June 1, I'm sure no one would've begrudged you.

@trwnh It's no big deal, is more important to me and the launch is right around the corner!

@dansup @trwnh That's great news! Thanks for taking that effort!

@dansup next time go to that concert! Pixelfed will be ready when it's ready.

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