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A few months ago I revived my old GNU/Social clone, and 10 days before starting on @pixelfed I posted a screenshot. The reason I did not continue on it was OStatus fatigue (and realizing how great mastodon and pleroma is). ActivityPub is so much nicer.


@dansup could also be a frontend like halcyon?

@trwnh I think thats been covered pretty well, I'd like to work on new ActivityPub implementations and I have a few in mind after I'm content with @pixelfed

@dansup If you have any pointers or insight on developing implementations, let me know!

This is something I've been thinking about a lot, and it seems like it's going to take a lot of work to make something decent. Debugging everything so that my implemention plays nice with other platforms is something I feel I could lose sleep over. 😬

@dansup Like, I think I'm gonna start by creating basic models and controllers, wire them up so that users can create posts, then focus on setting up users as Actors with inbox/outbox and a dispatch / queing system for posts?

Then I guess I'll do it all again to build in support for OStatus?

dansup @dansup

@deadsuperhero Yeah that is a good approach, why support OStatus though? Its antiquated and ActivityPub is the future.

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@dansup Yeah, I mostly just think it could be a good fallback for older fediverse platforms that can't support AP.

@dansup Why support OStatus? Maybe to keep connected with !gnusocial friends? :)

@dansup Regardless of your federated distribution protocol/API you should support Atom and RSS feeds for standard feed readers to consume the content. That's basically the same (halfway there) as supporting !OStatus.

cc: @deadsuperhero @colegota