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I've never worked so hard and so consistently on a side project before. It feels great to have so much interest and feedback so early on! Thank you everyone, we will make PixelFed the next big fediverse alternative together ❤️

@dansup May I ask what your main project is / with what kind of work you earn money? 🙃

dansup @dansup

@hinterwaeldler I used to freelance, but I am now laser focused on @pixelfed. I am surviving on savings and my patreon/liberapay for now.


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@dansup @hinterwaeldler @pixelfed Could you maybe verify your Liberapay account by linking it to the Mastodon one? It gives a lot more trust, so we can see that we're actually giving to Pixelfed.

@pixelfed Oo, I just noticed you licensed AGPL! That's great news. I'll see about donating shortly, I think you're doing amazing work in such a short time, here. :)

@dansup Good to know about liberapay! I cannot give more than the price of a beer/week as I've just lost my job, but I hope it'll help :)