Follow 2 weeks later:
- 860k+ hits
- 2.9k+ Statuses
- 745 users
- 5.4k Likes 30 weeks later:
- 22k statuses
- 4635 users
- 16k follower connections
- 19k photos and videos uploaded

@dansup exciting progress! But the service needs a mobile app for real boom. That's obvious but still a fact.

So once the core is ready somebody really needs to invest in the good app. And then it'll be a complete win.

@dansup @vanyok you have an api document btw? If apps are already being worked on i'd like to be compatible with fontina when I get to that point

@pea I'm using the twitter 1.1 api like mastodon and pleroma. Theoretically that means existing apps will work, but new apps can take advantage of a different UI.

@dansup hmm, fair enough. I actually wasn't intending to be compatible with that for a couple reasons but I'll look into it

@dansup any more beta accounts being release? 🤓

@dansup nice work man i like it a lot. keep up the good work!

@dansup weekly logins and churn would be interesting. Will the people stay in such a small network...

How can it be that there are less photos than statuses?

@doc Statuses include replies/comments which don't have any media associated with them.

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