✅Domains Registered
✅GitHub Org setup
✅Pushed first commit
✅Started Part I & II

Big thanks and canʼt wait for it to be published! Iʼm working on a federated calendar/event organiser on the back of AP, and such a guide will be more than helpful.

On a side note, you know .dev is a completely valid TLD and some people (including at least myself) will automatically navigate to the link on the screenshot, right? 😉

@gergely I have used .dev before it became a Google owned gTLD! I don't think they allow registrations for that anyways.

@dansup Nice! I'll definitely be linking to this whenever I can get a website up for the go-fed lib. Thanks for all the hard work.

@dansup This is so desperately needed. Would love to take a look at it.

@deadsuperhero Its still a WIP, the org is

Let me know if you want to help, I can add you to the org!

@dansup Definitely interested. At the very least, I have experience writing documentation and training/onboarding materials. I'd be happy to help wordsmith it.

@deadsuperhero Sounds great! I just sent the invitation and I will be pushing some updates to the guide repo later this week.

@dansup @deadsuperhero I feel like the w3c documents are quite nice for most things, but I would be very interested in something that specifies the nonstandard components and how to support them for the different AP implementations
@dansup @deadsuperhero don't know if that's in the plans or not, but if so I'm very interested

@pea @deadsuperhero Yes, one of the sections is Implementations with examples from Mastodon, Pleroma, ect.

@Whaxion Yes, first I need to finish the GS AP plugin and pixelfed federation then I will jump back into this project!

@dansup that's what I really missed, because the protocol definition of AP is really really hard to understand if you don't have much time

@jr @dansup Having the ActivityPub logo present somewhere would make it rock even more!:awesome:

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