Its interesting to see how much time people spend on FB vs other social media.

@dansup It'd be interesting to see YouTube in that mix.

@void Mmmm... it wouldn't be that relevant. YT is much more transversal. Also, 1.5 billion active users/mo, dude.

cc @dansup

@tagomago That is very true, but I do wonder if the fact that people spend double the time on Twitch (on average) would make it visible against YouTube - probably not 🤔

@dansup Well, no one actually uses Twitter. That's confirming what we already knew. :-)

@dansup It would be nice to know the average age of the data beyond that graph and see it split into ranges (16-20, 20-30, 30-40 and so on).

@dansup that'd be scary if true. then again for many people facebook is the only social network

@dansup interesting that #Mastodon allows boosting ones own toots 🤔

/me wonders if he should allow reshare of own posts on #Socialhome

@jaywink @dansup
that #is pretty #interesting, yeh. i think probably #the main use case is #to repeat things you think #people might not have #seen when you #firstpost, so that way #they know that you want #attention

@dansup its true, in Indonesia for "Older" generation, the only socmed account they have is only FB, and for "Newer" generation, the only socmed account they have is only Instagram, not so much change till now, and the only "Chat App" all we use here is "WhatsApp", and all that 3 app owned by Zuck

@dansup That's why we need ActivityPub in Friendica and preferably Diaspora also. They share a lot of similarities with Facebook and it'll be much easier to tap that audience with them rather than with Mastodon/Pleroma/Misskey.

@drequivalent @dansup Friendica has OStatus support, so it isn't completely screwed?

@Rock @dansup Same way as GNU Social. Social engines are now moving on to AP, a lot of modern ones don't speak OStatus. Those who only support OStatus are going to slowly defederate. And that's a shame, because I have some followers from the "old world", so to speak.

GNUsocial is working on AP support though, I heard.

@drequivalent @dansup Yeah, that's a problem. I guess we'll just have to wait for Friendica to implement AP, or Aardwolf, say, to become a good AP-based Facebook alternative.

@Rock @dansup Right now, Aardwolf is in the development hell, I guess. I love the idea of Facebook alt being written in Rust, but don't know if they're gonna make it, unfortunately.

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