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dansup @dansup@mastodon.social

Give yourself time.

I used to think spending 100% of my time working on pixelfed would be in my best interest but I nearly burned out.

I only spend a few hours a day on :pixelfed: now. I am a lot more productive and not as stressed.

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@dansup Yeah I've been taking quite some breaks from working on my Firehose project. It's good to stay interested/motivated in the project. But you can't overdo it, because then you'll probably get tired, lose interest, and etc.

happened before, just retired my old 8-months-abandoned project like a month ago.

@dansup That's good advice. I hope to build out enough of what I need to get the platform started. I'll probably need to make a million adjustments.

@dansup I feel inspired to do something now

I hate burnout

feels aweful to just stop enjoying a project you've worked so hard on