ActivityPub is still very young, only a couple months old.

Its great to see so much enthusiasm and new projects.

The network effect applies just as it does to traditional silo'd social media platforms.

It's just a matter of time for the fediverse to grow and become mainstream enough to sustain that model while providing a superior experience.

@dansup Sorry but I don't feel like it's a superior experience. It's mostly similar except for the occasional fedisoftware and fediserver wars

@dansup If I'm a traditional social network, how I can continue to live like today knowing that fediverse is growing so fast that my users is in significant decrise ?

It's important to thinks about this question for anticipate the reaction of Twitter and other "social" network 🤔

@KindOf @dansup

The most obvious thing would be that they would do what pixiv did. Start an instance and give it enough publicity that lots of users join. They would add extra features "to enhance user experience" which coincidentally would be incompatible with federation.

@bob @dansup Clearly; But Mastodon isn't licence to prevent that kind of private features ?

For exemple in the GNU licence, is you make a modification to the code and use it in commercial activity, you need to publish your code.
(Like the 3d printer firmware Marlin)

@KindOf @dansup Yes that's true. So instead they might just make their own fediverse server, initially using ActivityPub but then extending it later.

@bob @dansup This technique in bonus of crushing initial fediverse will increase their popularity by making the public believe that they listened to them...

It's called "The door in the face" if I'm not wrong.

To break this strategy ActivityPub can use a similar license than Mastodon and Marlin. This will prevent traditional private social network to be to closed from the fediverse concept by restrict the user to the Twitter own server. (So not any interest for users)

@bob @dansup Problem, Traditional Social Network will react by making a ~private activityPub like procole =_=

So "you can host a Twitter instance but we can not give you the source code" "Here is the docker (or iso of course)"

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