Federated podcasts, maybe @funkwhale could support this?

I would listen to an ActivityPub Podcast, get the latest news on new projects and maybe they could interview developers/users.

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@dansup @funkwhale there's no need for federated podcasts, but maybe a federated index would be nice? Idk

podcasts are just rss feeds tho


Yeah, but you could extend podcasts to the fediverse via AP. The idea would be to find the proper verb/implementation to send notifications to podcast followers when new content is published.


@dansup @funkwhale seems like that would just make it easier to miss updates as opposed to using a podcast app or feed reader

Maybe when AP software with autotagging, categories, etc, shows up, but I don't think it really makes sense with the current state of the fediverse

@pea @dansup @funkwhale you don't have to infinite scroll and not store your tl position ;) I should probably work on that patch...

@dansup Doesn't AP already support attaching media? Both it an OStatus are perfectly usable for publishing audio and having people react to it

@dansup @funkwhale To be clear, do you mean "federated podcast discovery"? Because podcasts themselves are quite decentralized already, especially with tech like Dat.

@dansup @funkwhale

I suggested this a few months ago.

The lead dev was very open and receptive, but wanted to stay focused on music.

@dansup @funkwhale ActivityPub as an RSS replacement.

Sounds about right!

@fungalsphere @funkwhale @dansup Just gonna poke my opinion in here: RSS still has a much lower barrier to entry, so it's not really a replacement at this point.
@Michcioperz @fungalsphere @funkwhale @dansup it's possible to host a podcast with a static site, we don't need to turn podcast hosting into a Whole Thing
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