Brands, businesses, influencers and power users will eventually join the fediverse. Why not embrace them? Its in our best interest to grow the fediverse.

I started a new suite of tools in June to support them. It was created with privacy in mind, you will only see public data insights and stats. Any user will be able to use this feature. After federation support is finished I will focus on this again!

@dansup I agree that it's in our interest to grow the fediverse, but I find it hard to agree that bringing influencers in is the good kind of growth. I think there are many people here who came here running away from that kind of interactions induced by influencers and brands.

@Michcioperz The main difference is visibility. There are no ads on the fediverse. Your timeline is yours, based on the people you follow and in chronological order.

@dansup My timeline is not in chronological order, my timeline is in the order that the posts arrive from other servers, which is chronological most of time, but not always.
There are no ads only because there are no brands yet. There is no system for ads, but ads can be brought into the federated timelines through spammy accounts. One person on the server following a spammy account is enough for it to flood the federated timeline. I can imagine brands automating this.

@Michcioperz There is no federated timeline on pixelfed. Just your personal timeline and the local timeline.

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@dansup I think what I meant to say is that
even if by design you don't have ads and the timeline is chronological, it will get messed up

@Michcioperz How? You willingly follow the users whose content appear in your timeline. You can unfollow them or report them too.

@dansup Wait a second, how are you aiming to handle discovery on pixelfed?

@Michcioperz By using public data like a discover page based on hashtags you've used as well as content relevant to accounts you follow.

@dansup > There is no federated timeline on pixelfed. Just your personal timeline and the local timeline.

This is an interesting question for me, and I'd like to know if you have reasons like pros and cons for that.

Thinking in self hosting a @pixelfed instance, maybe if no federated timeline I'll need less resources like disk space and bandwidth.

At the other side, maybe was difficult to know and follow more people.

What is your point of view?
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