Groups are like a hashtag you can follow.

GNU/Social and pixelfed might be the first AP implementations to support this!

@phoe @dansup so it's hashtags you can follow. But not implemented in masto so not visible. GS had ostatus groups for yeeeears.

@marsxyz @dansup @phoe groups are not quite hashtags you can follow. The difference is that groups will actively send out all posts to the group to all subscribers to the group (they are actors announcing the group posts) while hashtags are just passive tags.

@dansup my understand was more along the lines of twitter lists

@dansup why not just be able to follow hashtags? That be very cool.

In Diaspora you can follow hashtags. A great feature imo.

@dansup That was my plan for Anancus. It looks like federating will be easier considering that we are all using AS2 groups as hashtags.

@dansup I always think of groups more like a type of communication relay between everyone subscribed to it, rather than a hashtag subscription.

The reason being that Diaspora actually had hashtag subscriptions, but it only worked for tagged content that your own pod knew about. People on smaller pods ended up missing out on a lot of content as a result, because the tag subscription couldn't pick up on content from other pods that they weren't connected to.

@deadsuperhero @dansup

It's not perfect, but I really miss Diaspora's "follow hashtag" feature here. Then again, my account is on so I'm sure I didn't miss out on much.

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