I have been considering the ability to hide following/follower counts on pixelfed.

I have noticed that is one of the addicting aspects of social media and I don't want pixelfed to be a platform that encourages addiction. We don't have shareholders to impress and we have a social responsibility to build better alternatives.

@dansup I also think this is worth considering at least. I don't really know why those numbers may be useful. Willing to read some arguments in favor of them though.

@danipozo @dansup The one argument I've heard is in identifying throwaways and sockpuppet accounts -- a bad actor can build a post history with an account, get barely any followers, then start posting borderline things and you won't be able to judge if they're sincere or trolling.

I think that matters a lot less with platforms not based on discussion or engagement. At least, for public pages of photos, it's not strictly necessary; low-quality content is visually distinctive.

@dansup would you still be able to check out who a user follows if they have that info public? cause that's always been a good method to find similar/relevant accounts.

@dansup As long as we can turn them on... what's the harm in "off by default"?


I was considering the same thing. No one wants think they're posting in a vacuum, but the reward mechanic for social media needs to change, and hard.


I don't think I would miss them.

(Army of one)

@dansup oh yes please! I easily get addicted/obsessed with this and not having the ability to see this would help a lot :)

@dansup As an option, it's a great option. Like, people who want to see it, can see it, people who don't want to see it, can turn it off.

I have seen on sites where getting that information is actually a bit of work, people will *still* become addicted to it.

On DeviantArt, I have to go looking for that kind of information, but almost every day I see someone mentioning it.

Which kind of gets me looking too sometimes.

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