My goal for :pixelfed: is to establish a non-profit org that I can transfer the assets/code/instances to.

A proper governance model could take over responsibility for maintaining the project while allowing me to focus on coding.

@dansup Maybe save the blood, sweat and tears of building your own by going with SPI or something similar.

@zyx @dansup If you don't end up with the resources/people, do you think there's an existing organization that could take it on? ASF perhaps?

@freakazoid @dansup @zyx pixelfed is licensed under AGPL so the ASF would not be a good fit for it as the license would have to be changed to something non-copyleft (ASF prefers Apache License version 2 of course).

Joining an existing umbrella org is a good idea if the main goal is to focus on coding. Running your own org can become a huge distraction.

@dansup I'm interested in the potential for cooperative governance models with open source projects. Been talking to some of the folks at OpenCollective about the potential. If it's of interest I'd be up for putting some effort in?

@dansup Just don't transfer it to GNU (it didn't help GNUSocial)
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