My goal for :pixelfed: is to establish a non-profit org that I can transfer the assets/code/instances to.

A proper governance model could take over responsibility for maintaining the project while allowing me to focus on coding.

@dansup Maybe save the blood, sweat and tears of building your own by going with SPI or something similar.

@dansup you could consider a DAO alike setup. In which users, admins, devs earn utility tokens which allow them to vote. Permissionless, uncensurable, anonymous.

Probably won't solve much today, 'cause of it being so new. But it is an interesting governance model for OpenSource projects.

@berkes That wouldn't work, we dont need cryptocurrency or tokens to manage an open source project.

@dansup i'm wondering why you think it won't work.

Currently it's impractical. True. But the model can work fine to govern an opensource project fine, IMO.

Sure, you can run a FLOSS project with a BDFL, as an anarchy or even as a classic company. But in order to democratize it, one must give stakeholders votes. Which is only really possible with smart contacts. Just my thoughts, though.

@dansup I'm interested in the potential for cooperative governance models with open source projects. Been talking to some of the folks at OpenCollective about the potential. If it's of interest I'd be up for putting some effort in?

@dansup create a cooperative. Members pay an annual fee of $1 to have a vote for the board of directors. The board of directors would start off as an active board, and then transition to hiring operations managers to maintain your salary, etc. It's what WhatsApp should have been.

@dansup look at for a decent attempt at a consumer co-op model for a Spotify replacement.

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