If I move pixelfed from github, it will be to a federated git host. I spent a few hours working on this old project 😉

@dansup I didn't know there was such thing as a federated git host but I'm not surprised and pleased!

@tomiscw There isn't yet, but I will make one for pixelfed.

Uhhh I planed such a Thing. But didnt have time yet. Sounds awesome :3

@dansup @tomiscw Depending on the language you use for it, I would love to help!

@dansup are you implementing #gitpub? I've read about it a while ago and lost track on subject lately

@alexcleac no, they have no implementation just an empty repo.

@dansup too sad :( So you are building your own protocol based on ActivityPub, am I right?

@dansup @alexcleac
forgefed has some specification draft on a draft branch

@dansup It would be nice to think on a generalized protocol, to allow teamwork of ticketing systems as #redmine, #mantisbt, #trac, #gitlab, ... 🤝

@spacekookie @dansup @blub @alexcleac

Like @m4sk1n mentioned is a project that's been being worked on since the Github acquisition by Microsoft.

All the content isn't in the github repo its in the mailing list framalistes.org/sympa/info/git which is open to join but I think they made it like this cause there were too many people spamming the issues in Github since it made the front of Hacker News a few times...

@dansup but git is already a decentralized protocol!

@jdormit git is yes, but issues/pull requests and the social aspects of a git host are not. That is where ActivityPub can fill the gaps

This has been a really fun project, can't wait to finish pixelfed and move on to this one.

@dansup I think pixelfed wouldn't never be really finished or?

@jr That is true, I would like to have other contributors to pass it on to.

@dansup so cute that you think pixelfed will someday be finished ;-)

@dansup is that code anywhere? Would love to take a peek.

@dansup wait this is your own project? why not consider waiting until gitea gets support?

@jalcine Yeah, this is older than pixelfed. No other solution takes ActivityPub seriously and I want to host my projects on something that does.


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