@dansup is there anything the community is asking of you that you're not doing? :blobaww:

@eloisa They seem to really want some feature called federation. Still trying to figure out what they mean. 😅

Really happy this made it to the software. Let's help those who want to say no to metrification of life to do so easily in-app. Continued respect and support on this pixelfed project my friend

Yesterday night i liked this because of the content. I did not realize it was a Kanye tweet ahaha

@dansup @Eloísa & them Seagulls @Aadil Ayub @butterflyoffire⋅🍼[·_·]/ @Julianoe  Apparently he has an inferiority complex because he only has 28M followers and Taylor Swift has 83M.

@mike @eloisa @BoF@mstdn.fr @aadilayub@fosstodon.org

Imma let you finish, but Kanye has the best twitter of all time.

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