I spent a lot of time working on the APIs today, developers will be able to take advantage of the new APIs on Oct 17th!


The v1 api is based on Mastodon's api. This means any existing Mastodon app will be compatible with Pixelfed!

@dansup as a fellow Canadian, I endorse this release date

@ConnyDuck Me too! I use Tusky daily, thank you for all your hard work!

@dansup So one will be able to configure cross-posting between Instagram and Pixelfed using @moa_party ?

@penartur @moa_party It should work, but I know IG recently removed some APIs so I can't say for sure.

@penartur @dansup @moa_party Its no longer possible to post to Instagram via their API so you'll only be able to post to Pixelfed from Instagram.

@foozmeat @dansup @moa_party Ugh. Why do these popular services make it so hard. (OTOH, if they didn't, there would not be that high a demand for federated services)

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