I spent a lot of time working on the APIs today, developers will be able to take advantage of the new APIs on Oct 17th!


The v1 api is based on Mastodon's api. This means any existing Mastodon app will be compatible with Pixelfed!

@dansup as a fellow Canadian, I endorse this release date

@ConnyDuck Me too! I use Tusky daily, thank you for all your hard work!

slight php bashing Show more

slight php bashing Show more

slight php bashing Show more

slight php bashing Show more

slight php bashing Show more

slight php bashing Show more

slight php bashing Show more

@sascha @dansup php7.2 > php7.1 >> php7.0 >>>>> php5.6. a lot of progress has been made in terms of performance and language features, modern php is orders of magnitude better

also i'm pretty sure most people run a LAMP/LEMP stack + installing a PHP app is drag-and-drop into a folder. setting up a node/python/ruby/etc app is far from a 1-step process for instance operators. there's plenty of reasons to use php even aside from knowing it best

@trwnh an app that requires artisan tasks is far from drag and drop.

@sascha Having to run artisan is not terribly hard to do, assuming you already have nginx/apache and php installed (which a lot of people do)

especially as opposed to making sure you have the right version of node installed, potentially mucking about with nvm... or likewise for rbenv and gem, or pipenv, etc

@trwnh right, but it's not like PHP4/PHP5 where you just upload some files and everything "magically works". The barrier to entry is much much higher, since you need to be able to use the shell. Running the right version of Ruby/Python/Node, ESPECIALLY Node is not terribly different from hosting providers letting you choose a PHP version either.

@trwnh Or, well, I could tell you about the one time I got kicked off a server because the stuff I ran used mixed short tags and those weren't enabled and the log files ended up containing the code that didn't run filling up the disk, and nobody noticed because PHP tries to just work anyway.

@sascha This assumes you're using a managed hosting provider, and that you're running only one app per machine.

Regardless, there's no reason to run anything other than the latest PHP release, which is vastly better than having to manage node versions at all. At the end of the day I can just pacman -S php-fpm and plop my config in, and stuff will work. Not so with the node apps I've tried running, that demand Node v8 and explicitly refuse to run on newer versions even if things *should* work.

@trwnh I find it very ironic that someone running arch linux uses PHP.

Plenty of things PHP deprecates too. Node is pretty shit about breaking compat and I'll refuse to defend that shit too. I'm a golang person. Literally zero setup.

Though these days you probably need node anyway to build your frontend...

@sascha Well, I'm a no-JS, static frontend kind of person, so I don't particularly feel the need to wrangle with node for frontend :)

go isn't bad either, tbh -- i have go and php installed, as well as python for scripting some things.

@dansup So one will be able to configure cross-posting between Instagram and Pixelfed using @moa_party ?

@penartur @moa_party It should work, but I know IG recently removed some APIs so I can't say for sure.

@penartur @dansup @moa_party Its no longer possible to post to Instagram via their API so you'll only be able to post to Pixelfed from Instagram.

@foozmeat @dansup @moa_party Ugh. Why do these popular services make it so hard. (OTOH, if they didn't, there would not be that high a demand for federated services)

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