Updated :pixelfed: compose UI based on feedback from a few people!

@dansup Heilige Scheiße, this is awesome!

Will it be possible to select a license from a list (like the Creative Commons for example) ?

For me personal usage I generally use the list:
Not always all of these licenses of course.

@dansup One of the things I love about projects like this is that the developers are down to earth and listen to their userbase, making the project not just the work of a lonely genius that can boast in his talent (or his ability to swindle gullible programmers), but the collective work of a community willing to cooperate for the greater good.

This is the very definition of synergy: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Thanks, dansup, for your work. I can't wait to see pixelfed grow and thrive.

"license" should be "active" when a license is set...
Filter selection should be visual..

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