My eventual goal with pixelfed federation is to abstract the logic to a package that other laravel/symfony apps can use.

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@drequivalent Yeah, federation will be released very soon. Abstracting the logic into a plugin will be a priority after its fully implemented in pixelfed!

@dansup @drequivalent How soon is very soon? The thing is, you said that a few times before...

@dansup Is there some roadblock you can't get past? Do you need help advice?

@Gargron Yeah, the roadblock was HTTP Signatures but I got that working the other day. Would love some advice, will ping you on discord when I deploy the federation code. I have finished about half of the ActivityStream verbs, so I might be able to test it on in a few hours.

@Gargron and by half I mean that are needed. Not implementing every single AS verb

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