More :pixelfed: UI updates to prepare for federation support!

Nice, "network timeline" seems like a much more easily understandable phrasing than "federated timeline"

@dansup Isn't it too close to an instagram ripoff? Sure it's free, open source, decentralized, uses ActivityPub but the UI seems really copied from Instagram which I think is a shame.

@ChameleonScales @dansup

It's a lower barrier for adoption, for new comers. But I also like the UI of Instagram so I may be biased.

@WammKD I think it's the other way around. The more resemblant, the less interesting for newcomers. An instagram user (who's not very educated about privacy and FOSS) would just think "So, some people just took the work that the Instagram creators did and made this thing which is basically the same except nobody's there, right?" whereas if it were different (but smart), one may at least be curious to see it.


I could see that but I think the majority aren't going to approach it from the perspective of finding a new social media site (the big ones are too dominant and brand ubiquitous); they'll be coming because they don't like certain aspects of Instagram, anymore (and I don't think the UI will be one of the reasons). That's what I liked most about LibreOffice (before Microsoft rolled out the Ribbon). 1/2


That said – though –, – as someone who didn't really use Twitter – Mastodon's UI still feel like "Soooo…Twitter?" to me. And, even that said, – from what I've heard – Mastodon's UI was very similar to TweetDeck so, at least to some, it would've been familiar to Twitter users.

It'll have less people that they know but it won't be Instagram and it'll have Instagram's features; I honestly think that's what people look for. 2/2

@WammKD I disagree.
Instagram is geared for users who like being liked and want to grow in meaningless popularity. Pixelfed could be more geared for artists who want to make portfolios and show more meaningful art instead of food photos and selfies.
The fact that the grid gallery is not adapting to the aspect ratio of the image is an indicator that it's not meant to show very thought out pictures... 1/2

@WammKD ... and the fact that a heart shows up on hovering is an indicator that it's mostly a platform for simple recognition rather than honest or insightful feedback.
So is it what people look for? Well, not me for starters, and probably not the rest of the Deviantart community either 2/2


For what it's worth – though –, it looks like MediaGoblin is looking to replace Flickr, which seems closer to DeviantArt (I would think; I haven't used DeviantArt much). I dunno if you were looking for anything but hopefully that might be helpful.

@WammKD I didn't know mediagoblin was using ActivityPub. That's interesting. However so far their mascot is so darn ugly, I don't see how it can be adopted without changing it drastically.


Nothing wrong with wanting to be liked; branding it as meaningless seems unfair, though – lots of people make connections with others and meet new people or keep up to date with their family on Instagram, like most social media.

And, while it may not be what some people want, others do; I've heard people say they miss when Instagram first started and they were uploading images to share memories, etc.

At the end of the day, it's seeming a difference of preference, though.

@WammKD Instagram (like anything else facebook owns) is designed to be as addictive as possible in order to show you as many advertisements as possible so they get as much money as they can. The result is something that manipulates users into wanting to be more popular by getting more likes, which themselves don't have much meaning (it's so easy to click the heart, plus there's no counterpart). But don't take my word for it:


Right; most people are aware, these days, that social media's aim is to increase usage via addictive habits – that's not a federated social network's aim. I hardly think the heart is the most addictive part of Instagram or Mastodon's guilty of the same exact tactic – just a star for fav. and no alternative. I, personally, am interested in an IG-like platform that cuts out addictive/overwhelming elements and that seems the direction that Dan's interested in, too.

@ChameleonScales Inspiration comes from a lot of places, just ask Snapchat about Instagram Stories.

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