Need to find a sustainable way (Kickstarter, Grants, ect) to keep working on :pixelfed: full time otherwise I will need to start freelancing again and spend less time on pixelfed. Any ideas?

Thanks for all the feedback and boosts! I have a few solutions now 😁

@dansup I'd talk to kaniini, I remember him mentioning some people were interested in investing in fediverse software

@dansup A kickstarter for a mobile app could be a thing to try. Just being on Kickstarter should give the project some additional visibility and the app would make it easier for people to use Pixelfed.

@dansup This just scrolled through:
I am not sure what to think of it and didn't have time to read deeper. So, caveat emptor.

@dansup Liberapay account to collect direct support like Mastodon does? You have my support :thinkerguns:

@dansup @switchingsocial Could there be opportunity for some kind of paid premium accounts? Extra features, more storage, more filters, etc? Anything new or ‘more’ of value could be an opportunity for bringing in revenue.

@dansup I would follow @manton's example and do a kickstarter. Maybe those people get a badge on their profile/credit on the github somewhere. Paid accounts would also be smart I think.

@dansup add a visible donation link, include Paypal, Bitcoin, Liberapay, Patreon links. Include information on how to fund specific issues. Many projects lack this simple way to finance.

@magicfab I agree, I have signed up for OpenCollective today (just waiting for the application to be approved) and am working on updating!

@dansup also ELI5 what it is and whyit's important.No idea from the website, no demo that I could find.

@jdormit I applied for a grant, am in talks with potential clients and am on the hunt for higher tier patreon sponsors.

@dansup nice. I'm super interested in how the Patreon turns out, I think exploring funding/business models for the Fediverse is crucial for securing its future

@dansup When will Pixelfed start federating?
I think that will be a huge milestone to get it on the hyper-speed track 👍

@noplanman Federation support is just around the corner, been testing it for a week!

@dansup 😻
Awesome! Can't wait to set up an instance. Whoop whoop 🚀

@dansup Saskatchewan has a co-op incubator, they could do all the heavy lifting, let you focus on your work.

@acaiSG Interesting, do you have any more info? I'm in Alberta, maybe its limited to Sask only.

@dansup - might not be in their wheelhouse but you could pitch it, they might deal.


I'd go through #Liberapay rather than #Patreon. Firstly, your audience are mainly #FOSS geeks who will appreciate it. Secondly, #Patreon can get very nasty about closing accounts with no warning. I only ever used my account to give to #FOSS projects, never to ask for money, and they closed my account just because I donated to #Armory3D (who they also closed despite *delivering* what they promised and more!)

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